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nintendo-ds-liteNintendo DS vs DSi

For the chronic Nintendo game lovers, there is a new reason to smile as you can now choose between the usual DS and its newer counterpart in the family. This is particularly interesting news because with every new birth of a gadget, there is likely to be something new to justify the effort. The DSi has to prove its worth by providing new excitement in terms of features and looks.

In spite of the new features being introduced, the DSi will be quite similar to its older brother the DS in both size and dimension. The main difference is in the screen size with the new member boasting of a slightly bigger screen at about 3.25 inches as compared to its older brother which has a screen size of 3.00 inches. It will nonetheless be up to the user to decide whether the new screen brings more vitality and excitement to the gaming experience since it may also translate into reduced battery life. In looks and external dimensions, the two gadgets will be almost similar in size save for the slimness of the DSi and its lighter weight as it weighs an insignificant 4 grams less from the 218 grams weight of the DS lite.

So much for the outward look, let’s now have a deeper scrutiny at the performance of each. The new Nintendo DSi has much more to showcase in terms of ability and modernity. The old cartridge that was featured in the older version has been discarded. In its place comes the modern SD memory card to enhance your storage capacity. In addition, the DSi has a 0.3 mega pixel camera with a matching software application that will let you take pictures as well as edit them and send. Thanks to the facial blending application which can accommodate the editing of facial images, you can now edit your friend’s image into a Johnny Bravo pic or something funnier by the touch of a button.

In summary, we can say that other than the twin like resemblance to the DS, the DSi has a lot more to offer in terms of features and functionality save for the battery.

1.The DSi battery can do a comfortable 9 to14 hours at its lowest brightness as opposed to the 15 to19 hours by the DS thanks to its additional features which no doubt contribute to its low battery life.
2.The DSi is lighter in weight at 214 grams as compared to the DS which weighs 218 grams.
3.The DSi comes with a stylus slot just like the DS except for the fact that the DS stylus slot was much shorter as compared to the new DSi one 87.5mm and 92mm respectively.

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  1. what is better ds or dsi?

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