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Difference Between Amazon Blaze and Apple iPhone 4

Amazon Blaze and Apple iPhone 4

A few months back, an April’s fool joke was pulled that announced the foray of Amazon into the smartphone industry with a phone called Blaze. The joke looked so legit that rumors spread like wildfire and questions to how it compares to current leader, the iPhone 4, arose. The biggest difference between the Blaze and the iPhone 4 is that the latter is an actual phone while the former is just a figment of someone’s idea.

What contributed to the Blaze’s credibility is the fact that it also uses some prevalent technologies. For starters, the Blaze was said to utilize the Android operating system, just like many of the smartphones appearing today and is the most viable competitor to the iPhone 4’s iOS. The second part is the Blaze’s inclusion of a 1.2Ghz dual-core processor from Qualcomm. Many Android smartphones also use dual –core processors to give it a performance boost over the single-core A4 chip used on the iPhone 4.

Although already stretching it, the Blaze was also reported to sport a 4.3 inch Mirasol display; much bigger than the 3.5 inch LCD on the iPhone. The Mirasol display is a new display technology that has a lot of promise due to its incredible legibility under direct sunlight and its very low power consumption. Despite being in early development, the use of the Mirasol display was given traction because it is also under Qualcomm.

The thing that probably raised a lot of eyebrows and brought into question whether the Blaze is actually true is the inclusion of a supposed new solar panel on the back. This solar panel is purportedly made out of a new type of material that makes it resilient and functional while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look. The solar panel can charge the phone, although it wasn’t stated at what rate.

Despite being a prank, the Blaze presents a lot of new technologies that are not used in the iPhone 4 or in any smartphone for that matter. New technologies that might not be practical right now but would be feasible in the next few years.


The Blaze is a hoax while the iPhone 4 is a real phone
The Blaze uses Android while the iPhone 4 has iOS
The Blaze has a dual-core processor while the iPhone 4 has a single core processor
The Blaze uses a much bigger Mirasol display than the iPhone 4’s LCD
The Blaze has a solar panel while the iPhone 4 doesn’t

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