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Difference Between Huawei Ideos and HTC Wildfire

Huawei Ideos vs HTC Wildfire

The competition between smartphones makers is pretty fierce; even more so at the bottom end of the market where price is kept to a minimum. The Wildfire is the entry level offering from the well-known smartphone maker HTC. But, it is now facing some competition from newcomers to the smartphone industry like Huawei. Despite being a long time manufacturer of hardware for a long time, the Ideos is one of their first offerings when it comes to smartphones. The most noticeable difference between the Ideos and the Wildfire is the size of the screen. The 2.8 inch screen of the Ideos is virtually dwarfed by the 3.2 inch screen on the Wildfire. This is aggravated even further by the fact that the Ideos is very close to the size of the Wildfire. The Wildfire screen is also better as it has a range of 16 million colors compared to just 265 thousand of the Ideos. It is also protected with Gorilla Glass to prevent scratches.

Another difference between the Wildfire and the Ideos is their cameras. The Wildfire has a pretty standard 5 megapixel camera, which is also sported by higher tier models. It is complemented by a LED flash that provides ample light for shooting in the dark. In comparison, the 3 megapixel camera of the Ideos doesn’t really compete. It also lacks any sort of flash, so low light shooting is out of the question.

Lastly, there is the issue of battery life, which is very important in phones that need to last for at least an entire day. The Wildfire has a slightly larger battery that is rated at 1300mAH compared to the 1200mAH battery capacity of the Ideos. Even though the difference is pretty small, there is a very wide discrepancy when it comes to the battery life that they get. The Wildfire easily doubles that of the Ideos. Even the talk times that the Wildfire achieves is pretty close to double compared to the Ideos.

HTC has been making smartphones for a very long time, and they already have a working template to work with. In contrast, Huawei is relatively recent and they still have some ways to go in perfecting, or at least making their products competitive.


1.The Wildfire has a much bigger screen than the Ideos
2.The Wildfire has a much better camera than the Ideos
3.The Wildfire gets much better battery life than the Ideos

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