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Difference Between Wildfire S and Apple iPhone 4

Wildfire S vs Apple iPhone 4

The Wildfire S is an update to the Wildfire; a low-end smartphone from HTC. Obviously, it would not match up to a high-end model like the iPhone 4. To start with, the only advantage of the Wildfire S is that it is shorter and a lot lighter than the iPhone 4. The added height of the iPhone 4 is quite forgivable when you consider that it also has a bigger screen; roughly by a third of an inch. Not only is the iPhone 4 screen bigger, it also has a much higher resolution and better color depth to that on the Wildfire S.

Memory is another aspect where the Wildfire S is severely lacking. You can choose from two models of the iPhone 4; one that has 16GB of memory or the 32GB one. On the other hand, the Wildfire S only has 512MB of ROM, which is hardly enough for apps. Users are forced to resort to the microSD slot for additional storage.

The iPhone 4 has a relatively conservative 5 megapixel camera and so does the Wildfire S. What the iPhone 4 can do that the Widlfire S cannot is record HD quality video. The iPhone 4 can record video at a maximum resolution of 720p. The iPhone 4 also has a front-facing camera that can be used for video calls when connected via WiFi. The Wildfire S doesn’t have a front-facing camera so video calls are pretty limited if not disabled.

The lack of HD quality video recording in the Wildfire S, despite having the same resolution camera as the iPhone 4, should be a clear indication of a lack of processing power. The Wildfire S only has a 600Mhz processor, and although the iPhone 4’s A4 is underclocked to 800Mhz, it still proves to be much more powerful than the former. So don’t expect to have all your apps run extremely fast in the Wildfire S.


1.The iPhone 4 is bigger and heavier than the Wildfire S.
2.The iPhone 4 has a bigger and better screen than the Wildfire S.
3.The iPhone 4 has considerably more memory than the Wildfire S.
4.The iPhone 4 is capable of HD video recording while the Wildfire S isn’t.
5.The iPhone 4 has a front-facing camera while the Wildfire S doesn’t.
6.The iPhone 4 has a more powerful processor than the Wildfire S.

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