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Differences Between HTC Desire S and Wildfire S

HTC Desire S vs Wildfire S

The Desire S and Wildfire S are two updated versions of current phones from HTC that were unveiled in the last MWC. Although both are mid-range phones, the Desire S is on a higher tier than the Wildfire S. This is apparent in the far superior screen of the Desire S. The Desire S has a 3.7-inch SLCD while the Wildfire S has a 3.2-inch LCD screen. Same goes with the resolution (WVGA and HVGA respectively) and the range of colors that can be represented (16M and 265k respectively). The bigger screen of the Desire S also leads to a slightly bigger device as the Desire S is over a centimeter taller though slightly thinner than the Wildfire S. You can also feel the slight increase in weight of the Desire S.

Both phones are equipped with 5 megapixel cameras that are equal in image quality. However, there is a difference between the two when it comes to shooting video. The Desire S is able to shoot 720p video while the Wildfire S cannot. This is not a limitation of the camera but of the processor that needs to crunch these images into a fluid video. The Desire S is equipped with a 1Ghz processor and an excellent GPU while the Wildfire S has a slower 600Mhz processor. The Desire S is also able to do video calls because it has a front-facing camera which is something that the Wildfire S doesn’t have.

The tier difference between the two can also be seen with the construction of their bodies. The Desire S has an aluminum unibody that provides a sturdier feel to the device and gives the impression of a high-end phone. On the other hand, the body of the Wildfire S is made out of plastic which is more typical of low-end phones.

These two phones show how phone makers like HTC subdivide their market. If you are short on cash, the Wildfire S will probably do. But if you can spare that little extra, the Desire S can give you a bit more in terms of features.


1. The Desire S has a much better screen than the Wildfire S.
2. The Desire S is taller and heavier than the Wildfire S.
3. The Desire S can record HD video while the Wildfire S cannot.
4. The Desire S has a front-facing camera while the Wildfire S does not.
5. The Desire S has more processing power than the Wildfire S.
6. The Desire S has an aluminum unibody while the Wildfire S has a plastic body.

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