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Difference Between Nokia N8 and HTC Wildfire

Nokia N8 vs HTC Wildfire

Listing the differences between the Nokia N8 and the HTC Wildfire is like comparing night to day. One is a high-end model while the other is a budget smartphone. To start the list of differences, the N8 uses Symbian^3 while the Wildfire runs on Android; though one isn’t necessarily better than the other. Android benefits from an eager community and the backing of the software giant Google. On the other hand, Symbian is already an established platform and is quite renowned for its reliability and efficiency.

With the hardware, the screen is always the first thing that you would notice. The screen of the N8 is leaps beyond that of the Wildfire. It is bigger by almost a third of an inch at 3.5 inches. It is also better as the N8 uses an AMOLED display rather than an LCD screen. LED displays produce their own light rather than relying on a backlight. This results in better contrast and color reproduction. The N8 screen is also quite well protected as it is equipped with gorilla glass for scratch and impact resistance while the Wildfire screen is unprotected.

The N8 is also far superior when it comes to the camera. Its 12 megapixel sensor is more than double the 5 megapixel sensor on the Wildfire. The N8 takes much better pictures than the Wildfire, all other smartphones, and even some digital cameras. The N8’s superiority also exceeds to video as the N8 is able to record HD quality video. The Wildfire can also record video but only at SD quality. The N8 also has a secondary camera located at the front of the phone. This is primarily intended for video calling but can also be used for other purposes like as a vanity mirror. The Wildfire does not have a front facing camera so it cannot do video calls.

The N8 has 16GB of internal memory and a memory card slot, which is more than adequate than what most people would probably need on a phone. But the Wildfire only has 512MB with even less available to the user. For any reasonable storage, the purchase of a memory card is required. The anodized aluminum body of the N8 also adds to its looks and structure while the plastic body of the Wildfire, though not really very flimsy, does not scream elegance.


  1. The Wildfire runs on Android while the N8 runs on Symbian^3
  2. The N8 has a bigger and better screen than the Wildfire
  3. The N8 camera is better than the Wildfire camera
  4. The N8 is able to record HD quality video while the Wildfire cannot
  5. The N8 has a front-facing camera while the Wildfire doesn’t
  6. The N8 has more memory than the Wildfire
  7. The N8 body is composed of metal while the Wildfire is composed of plastic

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