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Difference Between Apple iPhone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S

Apple iPhone 4 vs Samsung Galaxy S

The iPhone 4 and the Galaxy S from Samsung are two of the best phones in the smartphone market. The iPhone has gone through a few revisions and is now better than ever. The Galaxy S is relatively new but is gaining a lot of praise from experts in the smartphone world. The defining difference between the two would be the operating system that they are using. The iPhone 4 uses the iOS, which is no surprise, while the Galaxy S goes with the newer Android OS from Google. Each has its own list of applications that you can install.

For the hardware, the screen is always the first things you notice. The screen of the Galaxy S is bigger than that of the iPhone by half an inch. A bigger screen is always better since it can show you more of whatever you are looking at, especially when web browsing since you would most likely be zooming in most of the time. Something that a lot of people have been looking for in the iPhone is an FM radio, which is present in the Galaxy S. The iPhone radio apps connect via the phone network and download information from the Internet, which could add up to a bigger bill.

The iPhone 4 has more internal memory than the Galaxy S as the iPhone has 16/32GB models while the Galaxy S comes in 8/16GB models. Although the Galaxy S might be at a disadvantage, but its microSD card slot more than equalizes things as it can take memory cards with up to 32GB capacity for a total of 48GB for the bigger model. You can even purchase spare memory cards for even more memory.

Lastly, the iPhone 4 is only compatible with GSM networks, which leaves out CDMA users. On the other hand, different versions of the Galaxy S exist so you can get one no matter if your network is GSM, CDMA, or even the newer WiMax.

1. The iPhone 4 runs iOS while the Galaxy S runs Android
2. The iPhone 4 screen is smaller than that of the Galaxy S
3. The iPhone 4 does not have an FM radio while the Galaxy S does
4. The iPhone 4 has more internal memory than the Galaxy S
5. The iPhone 4 does not have a memory card slot like that of the Galaxy S
6. The iPhone works only with GSM networks while the Galaxy S works on a wide variety of networks

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