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Difference Between Apple iPad and iPad 2

Apple iPad vs iPad 2

Apple broke new ground when it introduced the iPad and turned tablets from a niche to a mainstream product overnight. With the iPad 2, Apple aims to improve on the features and functions of the original product. The main difference between the iPad and iPad 2 jump from the A4 to the much improved A5 chipset. The A5 features a dual-core processor, which is a significant improvement over the single core processor of the A4 chipset in the iPad. The A5 chipset also has more memory to play with, doubling the memory installed on the iPad.

The second improvement in the iPad 2 is the inclusion of two cameras, just like with most phones. With the iPhone already sporting cameras prior to the iPad, the lack of one in it puzzled many buyers. The iPad 2 rectified this by adding both front and rear facing cameras. The VGA front facing camera is acceptable but 0.7 megapixel front facing camera very lacking, especially when taking still pictures. It does make up with its ability to record 720p videos.

Apple has also managed to shave millimeters and grams with the iPad 2. The difference in width and length may not be that noticeable; but with the iPad 2 just two thirds of the thickness of the iPad, you can clearly see the difference. The iPad 2 also shaved close to 10 percent of the iPad’s weight, making it lighter and easier on the arm when used for a long time.

Lastly, Apple decided to increase the sensor set of the iPad, which only had an accelerometer commonly used for auto-rotation. The iPad 2 adds a gyroscope and a compass to the mix. The compass is pretty straightforward and will let you know your north from your south. On the other hand, the gyroscope is a lot more interesting since it is able to detect movements a lot more clearly. It can be used in games and other apps to provide a more accurate control system than what the accelerometer is able to provide.


  1. The iPad 2 has a dual core processor while the iPad has a single core processor
  2. The iPad 2 has two cameras while the iPad doesn’t have any camera
  3. The iPad 2 is slightly smaller and lighter than the iPad
  4. The iPad 2 has an improved set of sensor than the iPad

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