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Difference Between an iPad and iPad 2

iPad vs iPad 2

As expected, Apple has the update to the iPad in the market. The iPad 2 presents many improvements over its predecessor, but none are necessarily new to its many competitors. To start with, the iPad 2 is considerably thinner than the iPad. The reduction in thickness makes it significantly easier to hold the
iPad 2, not to mention amazingly sleek. The iPad lost 30% of its thickness by stretching out the battery to achieve a large but thin build.

A major improvement to the iPad 2 is the employment of the dual core A5 processor which is also expected to appear in the iPhone 5 in the coming months. The dual core processor, aided by Apple’s restricted multitasking, makes the iPad 2 extremely fast at all the tasks that it does. It also ensures that you would not experience sluggish performance when running another application in the background like the music player.

Addressing the clamor of the masses, Apple finally decided to add cameras to the iPad 2. The lack of a camera in the original iPad had a lot of people puzzled since the iPhone 3, which preceded it, already had pretty good cameras. This shortcoming of the original iPad is now addressed with the iPad 2 but with relatively weak hardware. The rear-facing camera is a mere .7 megapixels which can take photos with a 960×720 resolution; just good enough for on-screen viewing. It is also capable of taking video at the same resolution which is 720p. The front-facing camera has an even smaller resolution at a mere VGA. These specs are certainly better than the non-existent cameras of the iPad but are nowhere near what its contemporaries are offering.

The last two differences are just minor and should not affect performance in any way. The first is the installation of iOS 4.3 in the iPad 2. The original iPad can be upgraded to the same version; it just takes that extra step of updating which can be a minor hassle for some. The second is the color scheme. The original iPad only came in black, but the iPad 2 has two colors to choose from; black and white.


1.The iPad 2 is thinner and lighter than the iPad.
2.The iPad 2 has a dual core processor while the iPad doesn’t.
3.The iPad 2 has dual cameras while the iPad doesn’t have any.
4.The iPad 2 ships with the latest version of iOS while the iPad doesn’t.
5.The iPad 2 comes in black and white colors while the iPad only comes in black.

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