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Differences Between a Blackberry Playbook and a Kobo

 Blackberry Playbook vs Kobo

The Blackberry Playbook and Kobo are two very different animals, despite looking similar. The main difference between the Blackberry Playbook and the Kobo is what they are made for. The Playbook is a tablet device just like the iPad and Galaxy Tablet. You can do a lot of things on it like browse the Internet, read books, play games, and much more. On the other hand, the Kobo is simply an e-book reader.

The difference in purpose spawns a number of other differences in the design, the most prominent being the screen. On the Playbook is an LCD screen just like what’s on your computer, TV, phone, and most other things with displays. The screen on the Kobo is an e-ink display. This type of display imitates how ink would look on paper and is a lot less stressful to the eyes. This is because it doesn’t have a backlight, and light isn’t being directed straight into your eyes. The downside to having such a display is the loss of colors. E-ink screens, like that on the Kobo, can only show different shades of gray which is not really very ideal for photos or videos.

Because the Kobo is only meant for reading e-books, it doesn’t have the advanced processing power needed to run apps like games and the many other programs you can find on tablets. But you can still access the Internet and receive and send emails from it. The upside of having low specs is the lesser toll it takes on the battery. Unlike tablets that needed to be charged practically every day, the Kobo can last up to a month on a single charge. If you are a heavy reader, however, maybe once a week.

If you want a multimedia device where you can read e-books and still do other stuff, the Playbook is the better option between the two. But for the few who like to read more than play games, watch movies, or browse the Internet, the Kobo is a lot easier on the eyes and is much more convenient than any tablet.


  1. The Playbook is a tablet while the Kobo is an e-book reader.
  2. The Playbook uses an LCD screen while the Kobo uses an e-ink screen.
  3. The Playbook displays in full color while the Kobo only displays shades of gray.
  4. The Playbook has apps while the Kobo does not.
  5. The Kobo’s battery lasts much longer than the Playbook’s.

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