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  1. hasan bilal
    August 17, 2015

    i like it.


  2. Azhar
    May 8, 2016

    Still puzzled


  3. D.O.A
    October 26, 2016

    So all coenzymes r cofactors
    But not all cofactor r coenzymes?


  4. zahoor ul islam
    January 18, 2017

    Prosthetic group bieng a cofactor is not discussed.


  5. Madhavi
    January 25, 2017

    no confusion now. Thank you


  6. Yamna Nasir.
    July 4, 2017

    I can’t understand clearly.


  7. Chioma
    November 28, 2017

    A prosthetic group is a tightly bound, non-polypeptide unit required for the biological function of some proteins. It may be organic (coenzyme) or inorganic (cofactor) but is not composed of amino acids. So neither coenzymes nor prosthetic groups can be classified under cofactors.


  8. Bilal khan
    December 10, 2017

    Coenzyme and prosthetic groups are types of cofactor(non-protein molecule).

    Cofactor bonded tightly to enzyme is called prosthetic group..
    Cofactor bonded loosely to enzyme is called coenzyme…


  9. jeph bryan
    December 26, 2018

    Detailed information about the list of coenzymes and cofactors


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