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Ego vs superego

The human psyche is a confound realm that no man has ever penetrated. However, Man’s creator has designed everything so perfectly that the human psyche although not possible to enter physically, can be devoured psychologically. That is why psychology became a branch of science. One minor study alone cannot or could not handle the complexity of the person’s beautiful mind. Psychology understands that the mind holds the answer as of how to define a perplex human being. It is connected to everything, anatomically, physiologically and cognitively.

Sigmund Freud, the man who knows so much about the personality of a human being, has another theory that talks about a person’s psyche. According to this guy, the human psyche is divided into three parts. These parts are called id, ego, and superego. The three have different characteristics but all are inherent within a human being. Ego and superego especially, are the most common psyche that an average person has. To explain further, here are the distinctions of the two.

Ego, to begin with, is not Beyonce’s song of the same title. Ego is not measurable contrary to the singer’s line, ‘I got a big ego, such a huge ego…’ Ego basically is a human beings reaction or actuation towards his/her needs. It is made up of the organized parts of a person’s personality. It includes reasoning, tolerance, memory, understanding, judgment, planning, whatever else that’s keeping it real is what is called ego. Ego in short is common sense. Ego filters what’s real and makes sense out of it. It really organizes every though and emotion involved in the process. Ego’s task is to find balance between a human person’s desires and the reality. Ego keeps a human being from crossing the line of becoming sane and normal or totally the opposite. It is said that ego serves three master: the id, the reality, and the superego. Thus it can also be stated that the ego’s job is the hardest since it must find harmony and balance with the three masters. However, ego is also said to be more acquainted with the id. Notice yourself succumbing more often to your desires such as eating chocolates or buying that latest Louboutin shoes. These actions and all other sinful acts make you feel guilty and anxious, or even inferior. Well that’s when superego comes in.

Superego is like a scolding voice of a mother or any recognized authority, may it be a teacher’s, a friend, a priest) in a human person’s head. It evokes the feeling of guilt and shame and sometimes would make you feel very inferior among everything else that surrounds you. The superego is a human person’s conscience. It makes a human being become perfect following his/her ideals in life and spiritual values. The superego is like your very own critic, which will either congratulate you or scold you to death. While the id goes straight towards self-gratification, the superego makes the person strive to act in a socially appropriate manner. It makes a person acceptable to a certain society.



Sigmund Freud coined the term ego and superego along with id to categorize a human person’s psyche.

The ego is the common sense which checks into reality most of the time just to keep things real, while the superego is the conscience, the voice that reminds the human person to be good.

The ego serves three masters but is more acquainted with the id. But the superego constantly criticizes the human person’s actuation so that he/she could become socially acceptable.

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