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The concept of IQ is measured as a ratio. It measures the mathematical and logical powers of an individual. However, EQ measures the emotional quotient of an individual. It measures the ability of an individual to use his cognitive and emotional intelligence to get success in life-both personally and professionally. It measures concepts like intuition, empathy, stress management capacities, resilience and integrity. In an EQ test, the questions relate to emotions and different situations, not on logic and reasoning as in an IQ test.

It is said that while IQ ensures your success in school, EQ ensures your success in life. It works in this way. Suppose you find out about a problem at your office. You know the facts and the reason behind the failure. That is your IQ. When you use these to motivate your employees, that’s your EQ. If you know the facts, but are unable to empathize with your employees, berate and de motivate them, you have a low EQ. When you try to convince someone by facts alone, it shows your IQ, but when you appeal to his emotions and reason together with the use of facts, that’s your EQ!

So far as the technicalities are concerned, the results of an IQ test and an EQ test may be very different. For instance, children with autism tend to have a high IQ, but they usually have a low EQ count.

Your EQ decides how you interact with people in your life. It therefore has a profound bearing on both your success and your happiness. A person with a high EQ will know how to make an individual work by appealing to his emotions and reason. That is the secret of success behind every man.

The most important difference between the two is that while EQ can be learned, IQ is something that a person is born with. You cannot alter a person’s intelligence or reasoning powers. However, you can teach him to handle emotions and to make them work for him. That is the greatest difference between the two and perhaps the greatest advantage of EQ!

1. IQ refers to the analytical, mathematical and logical reasoning capabilities of a person. EQ measures his personal skills and power to use to emotions.
2. EQ can be improved upon and learned, however , IQ is something you are born with
3. EQ is more relevant to success and happiness in life, IQ determines whether you have the innate abilities for it.
4. IQ decides your individual capacities and intelligence, EQ decides whether you are a team player or how well you will respond to a crisis.

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  1. Really inspiring to know

  2. Thanks a ton for this ! EQ for the win ^^

  3. VERY NICE! Thanks

  4. Is it possible to overcome a lack of EQ? Specifically, I am a partner with a high IQ but a low EQ. His inability to motivate employees causes problems. He is somewhat narcissistic. He seems not to want to change. Can you help me? 619.985.1773 thank you.

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