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lodine vs lodide

Certain chemicals are important in our body. These can control the hormones and the glands that act in our body’s normal and proper metabolism. Without these chemicals that we can get from the food we eat, we might be lacking certain nutrients and special vitamins for proper growth, development, plus the right metabolism of energy. It is these chemicals that our body needs that will make us actually function in the right manner.

One of the chemicals that our glands produce is iodine. There is also what is called iodide. What are the differences between the two?

In chemistry, iodine and iodide can be well described and differentiated. Iodine is included in the table of elements, but iodide is not included because it’s an ion and not an element. The chemical symbol of iodine is “I” while iodide is an atom and is represented as “-1.” Iodine’s color is blue while iodide is colorless.

Iodine came from the family of halogens such as fluorine and bromine. Iodide ions come from the family of halides.

Iodine-rich foods are mostly from seafoods. Iodine is important in the body as the lack of it will lead to goiter and myxedema or hypothyroidism. There are also commercially prepared iodine solutions such as Lugol’s solution. Iodine is also used as a water disinfectant. EDDI, which is an animal supplement, needs a large amount of iodine in order to be produced.

Iodide, on the other hand, cannot be found in foods. However, when combined with other elements, it can work as a wonder drug such as the SSKI or potassium iodide. This drug works by loosening the mucus in the airway and is a treatment for hyperthyroidism. Silver iodide is used on photographic films as the photoactive component.

Iodine was discovered during 1811 by Bernard Courtois.


1.Iodine is an element while iodide is an ion.
2.The chemical symbol of iodine is “I” while iodide, since it’s an atom, is presented as “-1.”
3.Iodine’s color is blue while iodide is colorless.
4.Iodine came from the family of halogens such as fluorine and bromine. Iodide ions come from the family of halides.
5.Iodine and iodide have important functions in health, agriculture, and medicine.

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