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Difference Between Salt and Iodized salt

sea-saltSalt vs Iodized salt

In chemistry, salt is a crystal composed of the elements sodium and chloride. Salt, as a flavour, is one of the most basic tastes. It also has the characteristics in it that makes it as a great preservative.

Salt for human consumption is obtained from seawater or rock deposits. Salt from rock deposits has a grayish color caused by its different mineral content. Seawater salt are either mined from the sea bed or as residue from evaporated seawater. When salt are taken from their sources, they may undergo some process or none at all.

Salt can either be refined or unrefined. Unrefined salt is commonly used for industrial purposes but can also be used for cooking but some minerals are present in the salt making the taste a bit bitter than the refined ones. Refined salt is considered more pure since other minerals are removed. There are a lot of refined salts used for cooking that will mostly depend on the preferences of the cook or chef.

Iodized salt, as the name implies, is fortified with the very essential mineral iodine. You can get this kind of salt anywhere today as it is available in most markets. When you see them available in groceries and other markets, they are properly labelled in the package that it has been fortified by dietary iodine.

During the world war one, the government of the United States recognized that many young men, especially from the Midwest, were found and declared to be unfit for duty due to iodine deficiency. United States was alarmed by this development that prompts it to start a campaign and movement to have an increased dietary intake of iodine. By that time, salt were effectively added with iodine, hoping to make men healthier since salt is a basic ingredient in all types of cooking.

Even with the initial reluctance of salt producers, it eventually became common in the American market. Soon, other countries followed suit because it clearly seemed beneficial and effective prevention move against health conditions caused by the lack of iodine in the system.

Iodized salt is usually, if not absolutely, a refined form of salt. It is stripped off of other minerals other than sodium chloride and added with iodine which is about 1% of the makeup.

1. Salt generally comes from the sea or rock deposits and can be in many forms depending on the process it undergoes. Iodized salt is a processed form of sea salt that is fortified with iodine.
2. Salt, in other forms especially the flaky ones, does not dissolve well as compared to the processed iodized salt.
3. Salt can come in many forms ñ either refined or unrefined. Iodized salt is refined salt.
4. Other salts are also used for commercial and industrial purposes while iodized salt is primarily for cooking because after all, iodine is added for dietary purposes.

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