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In the world of extended birth control, most women have the tendency to confuse Seasonale and Seasonique. While both may come in the same kind of packaging, and have similar sounding names, there are differences in their usage and performance. For starters, using Seasonale will mean your period will be deregulated to around seven days per menstrual cycle every three months. Seasonique also deregulates your period to every three months, but the menstrual cycle lasts for only four whole days.

In terms of usage, Seasonique is more preferred by women who experience heavy periods, and unbearable cramping. This is because they prefer to have fewer periods that bring them feelings of discomfort. On the other side, users of Seasonale are usually women who have light to moderate periods, because they can tolerate menstruation for a longer period of time, compared to heavy bleeders.

Seasonale is an extended birth control option which has an active day cycle of eighty-four days, and it has a seven-day placebo interval. On the other hand, Seasonique is considered to be a continuous regimen that does not have a placebo interval.

Seasonique gives you lower levels of estrogen, which means during the inactive period you experience less bleeding and bloating, and other side effects. With Seasonale, there are still some signs of bleeding and cramping, but not as bad compared to non-users of these extended oral contraceptives.

And finally, research shows that in terms of effectiveness, Seasonique provides its users with better ovarian suppression, which means less risk of getting pregnant. Seasonale, on the other hand, is good, but has a slightly higher risk of pregnancy. When it comes to differentiating between these two kinds of extended oral contraceptives, such information is worth knowing before selecting an extended oral contraceptive.


1. The period cycle with Seasonale lasts for seven days, while Seasonique causes it to last for only four days,

2. Heavy bleeders have a tendency to use Seasonique, while those who experience light to moderate bleeding usually use Seasonale.

3. Seasonale has active days and placebo intervals, while Seasonique is considered to be continuous, with no placebo intervals.

4. You experience less menstrual side effects, like bleeding and cramping, with the use of Seasonique, while there is a bit more of both when using Seasonale.

5.  Seasonique offers better ovarian suppression, which means very low chances of getting pregnant; Seasonale, on the other hand, is still good, but the chances of getting pregnant are not as low as with Seasonique.

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  1. I assume there was some type of study done on these two birth control pills to come to the conclusions of the differences listed in this article. I have used Seasonale/Quasense since 2006 and I have never had a period last for more than 4 to 5 days. There have been times where I do not have a period at all or it may last for 1 or 2 days. I find the infomation in this article about Seasonale “not true” when it comes to me. I have just a small amount of cramping usually on the first day of my cycle and most times there is no cramping at all.

    The reason I am looking at the differences between the two is because my doctor just wrote me a perscription for Seasonique. If my cycles are only lasting 4 days with Seasonale then I suspect I won’t have a cycle with Seasonique. And as far as Seasonique offering slightly better protection against pregnancy than Seasonale, well I try to take my pills the same time everyday and I have been on birth control for over 10 years so if I keep doing what I am doing I shouldn’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancies.

    Seasonale comes in generic and is much cheaper than Seasonique which won’t have a generic until around 2023. I thought patents on brand drugs only lasted 3 years. I guess I was wrong. Anyway I had an idea of what the differences between the two were I just wanted to confirm.

    • Just wanted to note that I agree with you. I had a free sample of Seasonique, so I just started taking it after Seasonale — where I only got my period, very lightly, for about 4 days, not 7.

    • I just picked up generic Seasonique at CVS…called Daysee.

    • That might be the case for you however I have endometriosis and let me tell you seasonal doesn’t stop my periods. I still get them every month and they last 7-8 and even up to 9 or 10 days sometimes. I’m starting seasonique now so we’ll have to see what happens…

  2. I’m SOO glad I’m not crazy for thinking these 2 pills ARE different. I was on Seasonale for 4 1/2years(due to heavy bleeding and irregular periods) only issue I had was migraines at least 1-2x a month, never had any breakthrough bleeding even when starting it and then my husband and I decided we wanted to have a kid and never had any problems with protection on Seasonale and I stopped taking it to have a kid, got my regular period back within 2 weeks was actually more regular and better than before the pill no more migraines. After my pregnancy I told my dr i wanted to go back on SeasoNALE. She gave me a sample pack of LoSeasonique and then a perscription for Seasonique saying that the pills were essentially the same just one doesnt have a generic(which is the one i was on while on seasonale). Took the Lo after just under a month i started bleeding which was light then started getting heavy heavy passed huge clots and was cramping so bad that I felt liek I was in labor for 8days!(had a natural birth so I do know) So I stopped taking it and felt better almost immediatly. Waited a week and went onto Seasonique. After a month an 1/2 I started bleeding again but just heavier spotting and just kept going non-stop so I stopped when I was about a 2weeks away from the “period pills” and started a new pack. Same thing has happened but I’m trying to ‘rough it out’ having constant bleeding which is getting heavier. So once this pack is done I go onto the next one if it happens again I’m stopping and going to be seen and get BACK ON SeasoNALE. I’ve had bleeding mood swings worse than pregnancy, weight gain, little to no sex drive, depression. I NEVER had ANY problems except for Migraines during SeasoNALE. I’ve had nothing BUT problems on SeasoNIQUE. I felt more protected on Seasonale then the Seasonique. I’m upset my doc said they were essentially the same just one has a generic and the other doesnt..Seasonique costs me $60 while seasonale was $30 and 60 is alot in a one low income and a baby household. So glad there really is a difference and I’m not crazy. Good article only thing wrong is seasonique was worse than Seasonale!

  3. I think this article is obviously biased and slanted towards pushing Seasonique. It’s set up to look like an objective article but seems more like an advertisement to me. I was on Seasonale for 3 years, and LOVED it. My period lasted 4, maybe 5 days, and I never had any breakthrough bleeding. I am on my second week of Seasonique and have basically had the opposite experience. I took it on the Sunday after my period started two weeks ago, and now I’m not experiencing “spotting” but essentially another full-blown period. It will die down throughout the day, and then when I take the pill the next morning it starts it up again! I really would like to switch back to Seasonal – my doctor also said they were basically the same. Can anyone help on providing advice on a way to stay protected on the pill but switch over to Seasonale? Do I need to go through 3 months of this before switching? I hope not! Any feedback is appreciate – thanks in advance!

  4. how much do seasonal cost like at walmart

  5. This has me just a bit worried. Because I am not on my insurance plan until Sept my Dr has been giving me samples since Dec(ish) of Seasonale and I have been LOVING it! My periods have never really been a problem, I was put on it instead for control of Polycystic Ovarian and Endometreosis… Typically my periods used to last about 4 days, no longer, now I am shocked if I have my period for 2 1/2 days! I get very very little cramping compared (mind you, what I had before was horrendous)
    Yesterday my Dr gave me Seasonique because she has no more Seasonale but I hope I don’t see my positive effects of Seasonale wear off like some other comments.

  6. I really need help. I was on Seasonique for over a year and had absolutely no problems, no breakthrough bleeding (not even in the beginning). And by the way my periods lasted the whole seven days, not 4. Until I was on it for about a year I started bleeding every two weeks, very light but I didn’t get why it was happening. This was supposed to happen in the beginning but I was already on it for a long time. My doctor tested my blood but found nothing wrong, then took me off Seasonique and on to a regular bc to stop the bleeding. After I stopped I went back on to Seasonique but then it happened again later. About a month ago I started on Errin (mini pill) because my doctor said it’s supposed to get rid of my periods completely. She said in the first two months i’m supposed to get breakthrough bleeding, which I did last week. I’m really hating this pill so far because I have really bad side effects like bad cramping even when I’m not bleeding, hair loss, and really bad headaches. And I just feel tired and sick all the time. I basically have no other choices because my doctor said other pills that have the same dosage as seasonique will do the same thing that seasonique did and there isn’t anything else I can do. I really want to go back on seasonique becasue it did well for me, or even another one like seasonique but I don’t know if it will be any different this time????

  7. I’ve been on Seasonique for a couple years now to treat irregularity, which in turns treats some anxiety/depression from the stress of just plain not knowing if I’ll be a week early or a week late-ugh. The pill has been wonderful for me. My cycles always come on the same day, little to no cramping, and much lighter. However, before the pill my cycles lasted 7-8 days and still last 7-8 days, always very light near the end though. The only huge issue with Seasonique is that, with insurance, my pills cost $210! I was never given the option of a generic to lower my costs which is rather bothersome. From what I’ve read Seasonale is just as great or even better for a lot of women. I’m only 19 so I’m not sure if age difference would play a huge role but when others are paying $30 a prescription and I’m paying $210, I’m going for generic, especially after reading that others’ cycles are improved just the same. Lastly, I have to say 3-month pills are just plain awesome. I’m not on the pill for sexual activity cause I’m not yet interested, but having a cycle once every 3 months is worth so much to me and I’m sure so many other women that are depressed during cycles would feel the same. So if you’re like me, try any 3-month pill you think will work for you whether it’s Seasonique or Seasonale. Likely Seasonale since it’s potentially so much cheaper with generic! Being on the pill just to regulate cycles has done so much for me and improved my life greatly. Why stress every month wondering when you’ll start, suffer through horrendous cramps, and running to the bathroom every time you feel an overload. Get a pill, even if you’re not sexually active, it may improve your life so much.

  8. SeasonALE just does not work for me. I’ve had spotting for seven days, a period with TERRIBLE cramps for four days, and I’ve NEVER missed a pill, and it’s still four weeks until the “period” week.

    Seasonique worked great for me. I never had these kinds of problems and I’m going to ask my doctor to switch me back.

  9. I just switched to the generic version of Seasonale & I love it! No side effects here, but I was previously on the Depo shot & that was awful! I bled for 3 months straight & gained 15 lbs. with that stupid shot. So far, I have no complaints with this pill, but I’m just on the first month of the pack. I can say, it stopped my bleeding from that depo shot right away. Plus, depo made me very emotional & out of control crying when I would 1st get the shot. I’ve got a really good insurance plan & I only pay $2.50 for my pills now. So I would for sure recommend Seasonale!

  10. For me, I just found out that my old pharmacy was giving me Jolessa/Quasense for Seasonale, and I had heavy bleeding and dulling ache in my joints. I thought i was having another problem with my period and my doctor and I ruled out that I was given Seasonale when my prescription was for Seasonique (I am also a heavy bleeder), so far…most of the issues I had with Seasonale have cleared up.

    Seasonique appears better for me right now, hoping my period will stop since Seasonale gave me more breakthrough bleeding/more menstruation than I had before.

  11. Thank you everyone for the information on both pills, Im researching for my daughter who has HEAVY bleeding to the point of iron pills, one blood transfusion, plus she has special needs and this is a bit much for her & I, as if she needs something else to deal with. I will try the Seasonale first to see what happens.

    Again thank you.


  12. I noticed by this responses everyone freaks out you bleed a little when on them. It takes about 2packs(6months) to have your body used to either one of these birth controls.
    I found seasonALE gave me tremendous migrains almost 24.7 And period for 5 days. I was on it for 2years but now there is a shortage of it so I got switched to seasoniQUE.
    I like it a lot better. 4 day periods, very light and no more migraines!!

  13. I have been on the generic for SeasonALE for at least 6 years. I have been switched from quanese to jolessa and back with no problems. I have never had any trouble with break through bleeding except for the last year. My body has decided that after 2 months, it is time for a period. Pills or not. My doctor has now prescribed SeasonIQUE for me .. the generic is camrese. No, it didn’t take until 2023 for a generic to come out. What is strange is that technically speaking, there is NO difference in the amount of hormones in both prescriptions EXCEPT for the last week. In SeasonALE the last 7 are placebo whereas in SeasonIQUE they contain a smaller dose of hormones. I am not sure why people had such different responses to essentially the same exact medications. Just a comparison. I am not knocking anyone who had different responses / reactions. I know people react differently. It is the scientist in me trying to understand different peoples body chemistry. That is all.
    Thanks 🙂

  14. Actually, Seasonale is a generic form of Seasonique…i was prescribed Seasonique, the pharmacy said my insurance would only cover the generic because it’s so expensive. They gave me Seasonale.
    The length of your period during the last week of the pack is determined by your body’s reaction to the pills. The ingredients are EXACTLY the same, and the same amounts.

    Seasonale is just a generic form of Seasonique. Trust me, I was prescribed Seasonique/Seasonale for 6 years!

  15. I was on camrese for one month, did not feel like a woman at all, stripped me of all feelings, but no spotting or period issues. Had my annual, dr wrote a new script but I received Amethia not Camrese from the pharmacy, a generic of seasonique so that was the same, but a different company made this one…started spotting on day 2 of the pills. On 6th day of pills, Dr then called in seasonale told me to stop amethia and go straight on seasonale generic (which I had been on generic quassence for years with no issues, but now I get jolessa generic, not quassence?!) and period became so heavy, clotting non stop pretty bad, going on 4 days of very heavy bleeding, and pain, and was told to stop birth control completely after only 2 pills of jolessa. So still heavy bleeding, much pain, I feel weak…I’m wondering can I start again this coming Sunday trying jolessa? Dr not returning calls, nurse told me when she said to stop birth control completely to wait months before starting again?! I’ve only been on these generics a total of 8 days, no problems until now, and I got on them not necessarily to prevent pregnancy as I’m 44, but to help with severe periods…I’m sure this may be much to do with generic camrese then generic amethia being some how different enough to cause issue, then generic jolessa started still be different, and just sent my body into chaos, but I need help/advice…do i really need to wait months, or try again this sunday, after one week without pills at all…as i really need pms relief each month

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