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Ecstasy vs Molly

Ecstasy and Molly are bothan MDMA. They are just different forms of MDMA. One is in a very pure form called Molly, and the other is usually mixed with adulterants to give it a pill shape called Ecstasy.

“MDMA” stands for “3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine.” MDMA is commonly called Ecstasy or Molly. MDMAs are basically entactogenic drugs, which means they belong to the psychoactive drug class. MDMAs specifically belong to the amphetamine and phenethylamine class of drugs. MDMAs are considered to induce euphoria, diminish anxiety, create a false sense of intimacy with others, and are used in cognitive and psychological therapies. They have therapeutic benefits. Many researchers are also testing them for PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. They are also used for lessening the stress experienced by terminal cancer patients.

They have many uses, but Molly and Ecstasy refer to the forms of MDMA which are used for recreational purposes especially with rave parties and electronic dance parties and music. They are criminalized in countries under a U.N., United Nations, agreement. Its manufacture, possession, and sales are prosecuted as a crime except for some licensed manufacturing, selling, and usage for research and medical purposes.

Molly is also called “Mandy,” and it is the street name given to the pure form of MDMA. Molly is the colloquial reference to MDMA obtained in powder form or crystalline form. It is believed that it is pure white in color as it is the pure form of MDMA and no adulterants are added to it. It is difficult to bind MDMAs thus they cannot be bound in pill form if they’re pure. Molly is always in either powder form or in gel caps. These gel caps contain usually 100-150mg of Molly which is considered one dose. Adulteration can be easily detected in Molly as it should be white and no other stain of color to it. Those who have tasted Molly say that it is better experience wise than Ecstasy.

Ecstasy is also called “E,” “X,” “XTC.” Ecstasy is the street pill name given to MDMA. As already mentioned, MDMA is difficult to bind and thus the pill form usually requires an adulterant to bind it. The pills are pre-pressed, and it is difficult to identify the adulterant in them. Ecstasy is obtained in different forms like rolls and capsules and pills, etc.


1.Molly is the street name for MDMAs in pure powder or crystalline form available in gel capsules or powder form; Ecstasy is the street name for MDMA pills.
2.Molly is considered a pure form of MDMA without any adulterant; Ecstasy has adulterants in it as MDMA cannot be bound or pressed in pill form without the adulterants.
3.Molly is also called “Mandy”; Ecstasy is also called “E,” “X,” “XTC.”
4.Molly is white in color thus adulterants can be identified easily; adulterants in Ecstasy is difficult to identify due to its color.

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