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Difference Between Crystal and Mephedrone

Crystal vs Mephedrone

There has been some ongoing confusion between the terms crystal and mephedrone. These two words don’t have any correlation at a glance but if you know what mephedrone is then most likely you have an idea about the real cause of the confusion. It can all be rooted to the several drug forms of mephedrone like the crystal mephedrone and crystal mephedrone.

Crystals is a general term that can encompass materials, structures or objects that are crystal-like or crystalline in nature. Your ordinary rock salt can be considered as crystal and your ever expensive diamond is another one. Truly, crystals can both be very cheap and very expensive depending on what type of crystal you are talking about.

With regard to mephedrone, it is actually a medication. It is a stimulant, just like your typical amphetamine. As a classified stimulant, this drug has been under much scrutiny from all drug bureaus around the world. Some countries regard it as a controlled medication. Others consider its use as illegal while other territories freely use the drug but under the doctor’s close supervision and restrictions. Moreover, it has become one of the top street drugs in many nations around the world and it came to be called by its many slangs. The most popular of which are the terms meph and drone among many others.

As mentioned, the actual confusion sets in with the various drug forms of mephedrone. This drug is marketed in a variety of forms. The most popular of which are the mephedrone crystals. It actually looks like plain old sugar crystals. Thus, mephedrone can be considered as another type of crystal, that is, if you are pertaining to the crystal mephedrone. The other formulations come as capsules, pill form, tablets, and even as a white powdery substance that can easily be swallowed, snorted or injected (when mixed with a liquid of course). In this form, the drug seems very fluffy, almost identical to talcum powder. As a drug, mephedrone also releases a striking odor.

All in all, mephedrone and crystals may refer to one same medication but technically speaking the two words if taken separately are different because of the following reasons.

1. Crystal is a more generic or general term of any crystalline substance.

2. Mephedrone is a drug stimulant that is manufactured and distributed in many drug forms like crystal, powder, tablet, capsule and pills.

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