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Yaz vs Loestrin

Birth control pills are one of the alternatives women can take if they do not want to get pregnant. These pills were invented in the mid-20th century. A lot of women benefited from birth control pills which inhibit the production and ovulation of women.

Yaz and Loestrin are birth control pills that are being sold in the market today. One of the major differences between these two types of medications is the type of progestin. Drosperinone is said to relieve some menstrual symptoms in the early phase such as mood swings and water retention in the bladder. Yaz contains drosperinone. Loestrin, on the other hand, contains norethindrone as the type of progestin. Yaz and Loestrin both have estrogens of the same amount and type. Another difference is that Loestrin contains iron while Yaz does not.

Side effects are always evident when taking contraceptive pills. Hormonal imbalances usually occur such as a change in mood and some acne in the first few months which will clear eventually. Using Yaz, women report leg cramps. These leg cramps occur even though they have enough potassium intake in their bodies. Women also report headaches that are of a migraine type. Loestrin, on the other hand, causes an increase in breast size among women. Cramps are still evident for users of Loestrin.

Before women should take birth control pills,doctors ask them if they have a history of heart disease such as hypertension or any blood clots. They should also report if they have cancer or if they are currently pregnant. The most important thing is asking them if they are smoking since all of the said assessments would exacerbate their condition. Birth control pills usually cause strokes in the long run so frequent assessment should be done in these patients. It should not be prescribed as well if they have the said medical conditions being experienced right now.

Women should always make informed decisions when taking birth control pills. They should also ask their physicians or do their own research when choosing the right drug as there are other safer alternatives in avoiding pregnancy. Doctors should also consider the religious beliefs of these people as some Roman Catholics do not consider birth control pills as an appropriate form of contraception.

Both Yaz and Loestrin come in a 30-day tablet regimen that one should take every single day. If one misses her dose, she should take it as soon as she remembers it. If she misses one dose for that day, she should take two tablets at the same time. If she misses it again and cannot remember, she should stop already and take another form of contraception. She can resume birth control pills after a completed menstrual cycle.


1.Yaz contains drosperinone. Loestrin, on the other hand, contains norethindrone as the type of progestin.
2.Loestrin contains iron while Yaz does not.
3.Both Yaz and Loestrin come in a 30-day tablet regimen that one should take every single day.
4.Women should be asked first for cardiovascular problems, hypertension, etc., before taking these drugs.

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