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The human population is increasing and rising mostly in countries with no reproductive health bills. In the Philippines, it’s still a debate whether the Congress will approve the RH bill or not. With the growing numbers in the population, resources also become scattered, and poverty will always be present.

In a world with so many options, women and men can always have their options. It can be family planning for families to gauge on how many children to raise. It can be through the use of alternative birth control methods to control the desired number of children. And lastly, it can also be through natural birth control methods for couples who are strictly upholding their Catholic values.

One of the alternative birth control methods a lot women utilize are the birth control pills which come in a lot of brands and names. One of which are Yaz and Gianvi which are oral contraceptive pills.

Yaz and Gianvi do not really differ from each other. Gianvi is the generic drug while Yaz is a brand name drug. Both drugs contain drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol. These drugs are taken via tablets. It cannot be bought without the prescription of the doctor.

Drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol are combined and used as an oral contraceptive. Other names of oral contraceptives are BC tablets, the pill, OC, BC, or easily known as birth control pills. Birth control pills have two main hormones that can prevent pregnancy when taken in the right schedule. The two main hormones are estrogen and progestin. Birth control pills work by preventing the woman’s eggs from maturing every month. When this happens, fertilization will not happen because the eggs are not mature.

Yaz is definitely more expensive than Gianvi according to women who are consumers of these drugs. Gianvi, on the other hand, has many unwanted side effects as reported by women such as; breaking out with pimples, gaining weight, having mood swings, and, most of all, anxiety attacks. Birth control pills will cause heart attack, stroke, and increases in blood clotting. Thus, women are advised not to smoke in order to prevent more thickening of the blood.


1.Yaz is a brand name while Gianvi is a generic drug.
2.Yaz is more expensive than Gianvi since it is a brand name drug.
3.Gianvi has many unwanted side effects compared to Yaz.

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