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Differences Between Methadone and Mephedrone

Methadone vs Mephedrone

Methadone and mephedrone. You probably heard of them since these are party drugs that stirred up issues among users, especially teenagers. Though both of these drugs can make you high, here are some differences between them.

Methadone is a very popular drug among heroin and opioid addicts since Methadone is a drug primarily used to stop heroin and opioid addiction. Though it is also an opioid, specifically a synthetic opiate, medically, methadone is used as an analgesic, a drug property that helps relieve pain. For more than three decades, Methadone has been used to help treat opioid addiction.

Aside from its painkiller properties, Methadone is an effective depressant. As a depressant drug, it slows down the central nervous system, thus reducing pain – be it physical or psychological. With the right prescription from your doctor, you can take Methadone in its oral form. Usually, it is taken once a day; just enough to suppress your narcotic withdrawal within 36 hours. Methadone suppresses the heroin addicts from acting compulsively and in displaying disruptive behaviors. Also, as an analgesic, doctors prefer using Methadone than Morphine, another analgesic drug. Methadone preferences keep on increasing because of its longer shelf life or life span.

Taking Methadone may cause you to be addicted to the drug, but compared to other opioid drugs, Methadone addiction has no harsh side effects. Some of the minor side effects of Methadone are: allergic reactions and swelling of the face. If a person overdoses, Methadone can cause serious side effects such as difficulties in breathing, hallucinations, fainting, and chest pain. Impotence and decreased sex drive are listed as less serious side effects, but I think they should be considered as serious side effects. Who would want to become impotent?

Mephedrone, on the other hand, is a stimulant. It is cheap, effective, and a legal high. Excessive use of this legal high is reported to cause disruptive behaviors such as stealing, committing suicide, cutting one’s body parts, and other actions you couldn’t imagine. Mephedrone is a short-acting stimulant. It will bring you to a short ecstasy. It is also known as m-cat, meph, and miaow. It came from the family of drugs, cathinones, hence the name cat.

The intended uses of Mephedrone are to bring you into a state of mild euphoria, be a more sociable person, decrease your hostility towards others, improve the mental function of your brain, and mild sexual stimulation. The effective quality of the medication depends on how you take it. Mephedrone can be taken orally or nasally. If you take it orally, it can give you a longer-lasting euphoria. If you snort it or take it nasally, you may have bouts of ecstasy.

Taking Mephedrone has accompanying side effects. It includes having an increased heart rate, hypertension, insomnia, and not wanting to eat. A small dose of Mephedrone doesn’t always guarantee you of being safe from the side effects. Each person is built with unique body systems. How your body reacts with the drug depends largely on your system.
Before taking any of these so-called party drugs, Methadone and Mephedrone, it is wise to consult your doctor first. It is never wise to take narcotic drugs without the intention of medically helping yourself. If it’s just for fun, don’t try taking them.


  1. Methadone is a depressant used to suppress the disruptive behaviors of heroin addicts.
  2. Mephedrone is a stimulant used to cause mild levels of ecstasy.
  3. Methadone has side effects which include impotence and decreased sexual drive while Mephedrone can mildly increase your sexual stimulation.
  4. Other names for Mephedrone are: m-cat, meph, and miaow.

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