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Goat vs Lamb

The animal kingdom is very diverse. It consists of different organisms that have complex cellular structures and can move on their own. It is divided into six classes, namely; Insecta, Chordata, Amphibia, Reptilia, Aves, and Mammalia.
Goats and lambs or sheep belong to the Mammalia class, Bovidae family, and Caprinae subfamily. Although they are closely related, they are two different species. A goat is Capra hircus with 60 chromosomes while sheep or lamb is Ovis aries with 54 chromosomes.

They also differ in their eating habits although they are both plant eaters. Goats prefer to eat the top of plants while lambs prefer to eat plants that are located close to the ground. Sheep or lambs eat more than goats so they need to be controlled.

Goats are more independent and intelligent while lambs like to stay with the flock and get lost easily when separated from other lambs or sheep. They have different voices, and goats have a distinct smell especially when sexually active while lambs do not smell like goats do. Physically they are even more different. Goats have horns and tails that can point up while sheep or lambs are typically hornless and only have manes, but there are some which do have looped horns and have short tails.

Goats have hair that does not require shearing, and their hooves need to be trimmed regularly. Sheep or lambs, on the other hand, have fleece that needs to be sheared once a year and hooves that need less care. They are both susceptible to parasites, though goats are easily infected by lice and ringworm while lambs can be infected with stomach worms and parasites.
Comparing their milk, sheep or lambs have milk that is higher in fat than goats do. While their meats are similar in taste, goat meat has lower fat and cholesterol content than lamb meat. It is very lean and is rich in protein and tastes very much like venison, or deer meat, and beef.


1.Sheep or lambs are mammals which belong to the Bovidae family and the Ovis aries species while a goat is a mammal which also belongs to the Bovidae family but is of the Capra hircus species.
2.Goats have 60 chromosomes while a lamb has 54.
3.Both eat plants but goats eat the tops of plants rather than those near the ground like lambs do.
4.Goats are intelligent and independent while lambs are very dependent on each other. They get lost when separated from the flock.
5.Goats smell and tend to attract parasites such as lice and ringworms while lambs are less smelly and tend to become infected with stomach worms.
6.Sheep milk has a higher fat content than goat milk.
7.Goat meat is leaner, lower fat, and less cholesterol while lamb meat has a higher fat and cholesterol content.
8.Goats have hair that does not need to be sheared regularly while sheep or lambs have fleece that is sheared at least once a year.
9.Lambs have cropped tails and are typically hornless while goats have horns and tails that can point up.

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  1. I’ve always wanted goats & sheep.
    Can you mention what herbs grown in grazing area as would detet stomach parasites for sheep? Then herbals for goats? Some may have to be administered, but others might be grown and suppress notes and worms, or are eaten by the goats and sheep.
    Does Ricky elevated area help such keeping them from moist soils and such?

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