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human-and-monkey-1Animals vs Humans

The term Animal as described in the dictionary means a living organism other than humans which feeds and usually has sense organs and a nervous system and can move. Animals include a vast majority of species. Humans belong to Homo Sapiens and are bipedal species. This means that the humans walk around using their two rear limbs.

Animals would normally only include multi cells and complex organisms. Organisms like the bacteria will not be included in the animal kingdom. In most animals the dietary habits are very limited which means that they would either be vegetarians or non-vegetarians. The Humans on the other hand are omnivorous which means that they are able to consume both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

Animals cannot talk or communicate with each other. In some species that the skills have been found these are very basic and undeveloped. Humans on the other hand are the only known species with highly developed communication skills.

Animals merely feed to survive and reproduce. They have not developed any skills that go beyond their survival needs. The Humans are known for their curiosity to understand and to try and influence and change their environment. It is this curiosity in the Humans that has lead to the development of advanced tools, technology and science. The human behavior is much different from the animals as we have set purposes in life that go beyond the survival needs of day today.

The Humans are highly social beings and live in large colonies. The Humans are the only known species that has the ability to domesticate animals and engage in agriculture. With the invention of advanced techniques and technology the Humans have been able to colonise all the continents. Through this colonization the humans have infringed on the land where these animals once survived and created a problem of existence for them.

1. Animals may cover a lot of species whereas Humans belong to Homo Sapiens.
2. Most animals walk on all four legs on crawl whereas Humans are Bipeds.
3. Animals tend to be either herbivorous or carnivorous and stick to their diets whereas the Humans are omnivorous.
4. Animals are unable to communicate like Humans do.
5. Animals are endangered due to the Human influence on their environment.
6. Whereas Animals simply survive in their environment, Humans have developed technology & science to change their environment.

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  1. Um, humans are still animals.

    • how do u say so?

      • Humans evolved over the years, at one point we where exactly the same as apes. Animals also have curiosity to understand. animals learn just as we do to problem solve, you need to look into apes and some other animals. Lots of animals are good problem solvers………. i could pick out everything you stated about humans and point out the flaws in your post. But Ill just point out this one, The Humans are highly social beings and live in large colonies. So are bees and so do some other animals.

      • Um, I agree with Shaira. People say that we’re animals because of the belief of evolution. Well, what I believe, is the Bible & God. We are made by God, from soil/dust. We are also made from His kind. So please, believe me. & If you don’t it’s alright cause I’m not forcing you. Stephen Hawking maybe have known & stuck it in your minds about evolution, that we’re from gorillas or some kind or monkey, but NO. That’s why he’s paralyzed. He’s like denying God. No offense, I’m not bragging or whatever. God Bless.

        • even in “the Holy QURAN” we are Adam’s sons and made of soil as him …… Scientists also have disclaimed the idea of being ape-rooted creatures !!

          • This pretty much killed any hope I had for humanity ever pulling itself out of the false, deluded gutter that is ‘faith’ or ‘religion’. Humans are animals. What the fuck else would we be, you moron? Consider that every other animal on earth has exactly the same biological functions (give or take) and you’ll realize that there really is no other categorization for us. Homo Sapiens is descended from a common ancestor (NO, NOT A FUCKING CHIMPANZEE, CHIMPANZEES EVOLVED ON A TOTALLY SEPERATE PATH, HENCE WHY WE STILL HAVE CHIMPANZEES TODAY) However, we do belong to the same family. and we share 98 % of our genes with them. Thats not faith. Thats not human folly, written on sheepskin 2000 years ago and then translated thousands of times over; its fucking science. Humans ARE Animals.

            Oh. There are plenty of animals which are Omnivores. No shit, look it up.

            Including Chimpanzees.


        • Do you really believe that your god would punish someone he created in his likeness? Does you god also punish small children by strickening them with diseases and forcing grown men to rape them. Does your god create these rapist to punish “bad people and non-believers”? If so, your god is a hippocrite.

    • Did you know that from the Evolution? Well, please, I’d rather believe in the Bible & God! We are in the end-time my dear friend. But, I’m not boasting or anything I’m just helping you people to believe in the Bible & God.

      • I’m not attacking your belief of God, but really, you have to include the bible and God? A book that a king assembled that got to pick which scriptures he put in and which to omit? A work not involving any holy man. Many of the writings condradict themselves offering two creation views? which do you believe happened? I’ll respect a belief of a diety even though I don’t agree, but putting stock in THAT book… incredulous…

    • Not true

  2. Truth is not about belief or preference. It’s about fact and where the evidence points out to. Biological evolution is a theory which is supported by a myriad of scientific evidence. Belief in the biblical story of genesis on the other hand is based on dogma.

    One may believe in something because he/she wants to, but that doesn’t make it true.

    The fact that a human may be able to do some things which other animals can’t, doesn’t mean humans are not animals. We still have the same building blocks and share the same origin.

  3. 1. Animals may cover a lot of species whereas Humans belong to Homo Sapiens. <— Sub categorising of many animals and plant species is not wholly neccessary, if an alien were to observe the human species I'm sure they would differentiate between black people and white people in the way we do with animals.
    2. Most animals walk on all four legs on crawl whereas Humans are Bipeds. <— kangaroos, bears, almost all birds…
    3. Animals tend to be either herbivorous or carnivorous and stick to their diets whereas the Humans are omnivorous. <— ravens, bears, turtles, fish, pigs, chimpanzees…
    4. Animals are unable to communicate like Humans do. <— all animals communicate to each other, you just can't understand them… dolphins for instance have excellent vocabulary.
    5. Animals are endangered due to the Human influence on their environment. <— Contrary to popular belief not all animals create a natural equillibrium with their surroundings.
    6. Whereas Animals simply survive in their environment, Humans have developed technology & science to change their environment. <— many evolutionists would attest to humans developing very crude objects as technology, in this context animals have been known to create tools and impliments in order to gain food.

    Humans are animals, we act like animals, are descended from animals, and will continue being animals until we cease to exist. Humanity has a very high opinion of itself, in the end all animals reproduce, consume food for energy and eventually die.

  4. 1.You contradict yourself by saying humans belong to homo sapiens but aren’t animals because of the taxanomic scale to be classified as thus it falls under the kindom animelea i.e. animals in latin.
    2. A gorilla has been found in United Kindom’s Port Lympne Wild Animal Park that is bipedal and has passed it on through it’s genes, thus strenghtening the evelutionary aspect that we evolved from primates. Other animals have been found to exhibit this as well.
    3. Brown bears are completely omnivourous and eat both plants and animals regularly…
    4. Chimpanzees have been taught sign language and have implemented it in their family life teaching their kids the signs they need to know. also many other forms of communication exist that humans aren’t capable of like communicating through sent and light displays from biolumineces on the body.
    5. Not all animals are endangered, and several races of humans could be considered endangered by the lack of numbers left.
    6. In the nonfiction work Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestor, a scientist goes out to spend time with apes, besides adapting sticks to feed on termites, many tribes have made and use spears to hunt.(yes tribes of apes, they organize themselves as thus). Also birds creating nest is not them just surviving in nature but changing it to have a habit to live in.

    Other points of incorrectness in this text:
    Human refers to a specific animal type as does cat or dog, and like dogs and cats there is varriation in “breed”. There are black people, white people, asian, indigenous which very in each country. Humans aren’t just one type and it’s part of an animal group.
    Many animals do more than just survive. Monkeys take time to groom themselves, thats more than just eating and survival.
    many animals are curious, hence the danger of the oceanic white tipped shark which attacks humans out of curiousity and will approach anything that it doesn’t know about.
    Humans aren’t the only animals that live in colonies and domesticate animals. Ants live in highly advanced communities and have herds of aphids which they milk for honeydew.
    This was not well put together in throught….

  5. I knew this would be a religious discussion. The slightest hint of science vs. a supreme creator is always the wrench in the gears. Just remember, as an atheist I feel just as sorry for your silly beliefs as you do for my lack of understanding of yours. One side will ultimately prevail given enough time.

    In the meantime such discussions should be kept within science where tangible evidence is present.

  6. Humans and Animals both breath air, both bleed,. and both can be trained to do things.
    The only thing different god gave us the human a bigger Brain to be smarter and rule over all living things!

  7. My “answer” is very simple: A self serving art of justification.

    If animals would be able to make plumbing, air conditioning, can food and weapons, they probably would. Humans were able to do it, but it serves the same ends as for animals: survive and, whenever possible, prosper (on earth or in space). No difference here.

    Here how it works: we did/do it because bla-bla-bla … ; therefore, bla-bla-bla ….; nevertheless, bla-bla-bla …. , even after death our God …. bla-bla-bla ….. we did/do it because ….

    learn comparative thinking to know a difference between mouth and as .. ole.

  8. Um Jared is right….this article is ridiculous, almost the whole thing is incorrect. LMFAO! Fire the guy who wrote this!!

  9. Animals can still comunicate

  10. religion is based on faith and beliefs while science is based on opinions and facts so its all about what you believe in, science is proven wrong daily and religion is all about faith so how can we say whos wrong and whos right? in due time all answers will be answered 😉

    • Science is not made from opinions and facts, it’s just facts, period. Yes the facts are sometimes disproven simply because we continue to expand our knowledge, i.e. space. But on this specific subject you can’t disprove that humans are animals, it’s FACT. Our animal name is homo sapien, just like a pig is an animal. Pig is that animals name. Very simple and doesn’t take much common sense to see the truth.

  11. we have different beliefs though

  12. Humans are the only species who fight against and kill each other but also have a sense of God.

  13. Humans are animals which evolved from an ape-like ancestor.
    Whether or not “something” guided this process is a question
    that can not be answered–yet, but we did evolve over a period of
    millions of years and were not just created in fully modern form
    a few thousand years ago. Look at the fossil record. It is FULL
    of transitional forms. And the fact that we can see galaxies billions
    of light years away means that the Universe must be billions of years
    old–that is how long it took the light to get here. There are reliable
    ways of estimating distances of stars and galaxies such as type Ia
    supernovae which reach a constant absolute magnitude of -19 or
    cephid variable stars whose absolute magnitude can be determined
    by their period and their distance from their apparent magnitude.

  14. Could it be that apes may be genetically modified as human beings by some aliens species.

  15. Animals may servant of humans

  16. The writer of this article is ignorant in so many ways.

    Two examples:

    “Animals cannot talk or communicate with each other. ” Of course animals can communicate with each other (step into a jungle and listen).

    “Animals merely feed to survive and reproduce.” This is what humans have been doing for 99 percent of their evolution and is still their main preoccupation.

    The greatest threat to people is ignorance; the greatest threat to animals is ignorant people. The writer of this article is a hell of an ignorant person.

  17. Marathi me information likho

  18. Humans have mind and its complex thoughts whearas it is absent or very much less developed in animals

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