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There is an evolutionary belief that all humans are derived from apes. Whether this is universally accepted or not, there are some who believe the differences between the two are too significant to prove otherwise. Apes are omnivorous mammals that were designed for climbing trees, with the exception of gorillas. There are currently 15 species of apes that are widely endangered due to depletion of their natural habitats. Humans on the other hand are similar to gorillas in that we were not designed to climb trees, however we have arms and legs similar to that of apes, and no tails.

Scientists have found some similarities between humans and apes, first being intellectually. Apes have often demonstrated the ability to learn and comprehend, however humans seem to have much more complex thoughts than apes. Additionally, taking the brain of a human and that of an ape will have significant differences, a human’s brain is much more complex and can be divided into lobes and hemispheres.
The ape body is similar to a human’s body as well. Both humans and apes have opposable thumbs and a complex nervous system. However, humans have an organ that apes don’t, which is the appendix. Also,there is more hair covering the entire body of an ape, whereas human hair is only on part of the body. Human and ape muscles are also similar as they both are strong and used to lift and push large objects.

Communication for humans is done by speaking in various languages, dialects, and in some cases using physical signs as a demonstration of thoughts. Apes typically communicate with one another through physical signs and loud grunting noises. Humans have attempted to teach apes how to communicate in many ways and are certain that apes are the only animals that will someday be able to fully communicate with people.

Most apes are now endangered as an effect of human encroachment and human sport. The numbers of apes were once in the millions and now there are less than 400,000 apes in the world. Considering the possibility of humans having been derived from apes, it now seems ironic that humans are now the cause of many apes becoming endangered. While there may seem to be many differences between humans and animals, there are no other commonalities between humans and any other animals like apes.


1. Humans are said to be the evolutionary products of apes. Humans are omnivorous mammals who live in large jungle areas within trees, humans are mammals who live in cities and towns all across the world.
2. Physically apes are covered in hair and their brain is not as developed as that of a human. Apes and humans however, do share similar organ structures and muscular systems.
3. Communication among humans is done through languages, communication among apes is done with grunting and growls. Humans are attempting to teach apes to communicate as people do.
4. Apes are endangered as human encroachment has led to forest depletion, their numbers are rapidly decreasing.

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  1. we are not apes ;dumb athiests
    God made us whole beings.

    • I really don’t agree, no one has proof of “god’s” existance.

      • i am not agree with u friend the human ar human not an animal of apes
        if u think that ur an animal so be like an animal okey

        • Well the facts are there and if you refuse to accept it then that’s on you but be for real do you really believe in all the lies that was told to you as a child?
          Look at everything else that has changed over time.

      • Funny how people say there is no proof and that we as humans came from apes… I’d like to see the proof of that!!! (NOT) because there is not proof of it, just like there is NO proof of the “Big Bang”. It’s all assumption, even some evolutionist have agreed so. All in all GOD made us and made the universe and all that is in it… so next time you go running you fingers across a keyboard to make “your” point, I’d do some research on this whether or not you believe in God.
        PS: I’ll be praying for you, God Bless.

      • You only want prove of God’s existence because you picture a finite being as God. But He isn’t.

    • Really?? Prove your God? Take that have faith statement away and bring proof and Facts then we can have a real conversation!! Otherwise its DEAD, just like your claim to a God That never was and Never will be. By the way for the Record: Be careful how you call people Dumb that don’t share your views,,,YOUR GOD WOULDN’T LIKE THAT NOW WOULD HE OR SHE??

      • One day Dale you will know… “EVERY knee shall bow and EVERY tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD”. I pray you repent of your ways and come to know Jesus, because there is none like him, no, no one like Him. There is proof beyond belief of how God is real, there is proof in the heavens, there is proof all around. But you don’t want to see it, you just look past it because the devil has blinded you. Only Jesus can you see again and let you see the truth… I’m not the kind of Christian to judge you for your beliefs, but I am the kind that will try my best to become the person God has created me to be. God isn’t the one that will hit you over the head and make you choose Him, He gives you and choice. We all have a choice! I hope one day you will choose Him too.

      • The world and all in it could not have come into existence without a creator . Just as a picture always has an artist . Something doesn’t come from nothing .

  2. God is. That is that. Doesn’t matter what you call god. There is no my god. There is no your god. God is. That is it. It is up to you to believe. That is a choice every person makes. I know for me…I believe in GOD!!!! Doesn’t matter if I say Allah Jehovah Buddha.
    God is.

  3. God created us, but apes are simaler to human.

    PS: evolutionists are stupid!

  4. This is garbage. I did not come from an animal. I came from God who made Heaven and Earth. All this evolution nonsense is so untrue!

  5. I think an ape has far superior intelligence to anyone whose comments I just read above me! LOL

  6. a little knowledge of science makes man an atheist, but an in-depth study of science makes him a believer in God.

  7. Dear me, can’t people disagree in a civil way anymore? It all comes down to having to have faith in something. Nobody was around to see God create Adam and Eve, scientists weren’t around to record some ape-like ancestor evolving over millions of years into modern apes and humans.

    There are a number of differences you can discover if you start looking for them. Our hands have features in addition to the opposable thumbs which make them far more versatile, better at gripping and also fine manipulation. No ape could do the prestidigitation tricks that magicians do.

    Our eyes have large, white sclera — compare pictures of ape faces and you won’t see the large white area around the iris.

    Our larynx and hyoid bone are placed differently, too, allowing us to make the amazing range of vocalizations for language, true laughter, and imitations of many other animal sounds and noises.

    Look too at the noses of orangutans, gorillas, chimps and bonobos — quite a difference from ours!

    There are more differences, especially if you don’t count examples of ape intelligence that are shared by other animals (some birds are able to do things that are supposed to show how smart apes are!) and list all the things that we do with our intelligence that no ape does naturally — build and control fire (and all the things we do with that), build unique living structures (huts, tents on up to skyscrapers), write, make musical instruments, create art…

  8. To all the fans of the “big bang” i want to recomend a documentry which was done by a wonderful scholar by name Philip Lindsay (hidden history of humanity) who is not even a Christian. He laid down “Proofs” (since thats what your after) as to how your “darline apes” came into existence because man intercoursed with another specie. When the “Nephilims” intercoursed with humans (genesis 6:1-4) giants were born, so also your “darline apes” came to existence because of mans perversness and stuborness and thats why they carry 98percent of your DNA. Science was actually a strategy by God to uncover the glory of his masterpiece. The mistake Charles Darwing made was exalting “science” over God therefore resulting to a massive casualty. Am a full fledged Christain, heavily in pursuit for God and i believe that God made this earth beyond any iota of doubt.

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