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Difference Between Human Beings and Monkeys

Human Beings vs Monkeys

More than 100 years ago, much have been observed and theorized about how human beings came to be the way we are now. There have been many anthropologists who have set out and tried to uncover how we became a great race today. Among them, Charles Darwin may have been the most influential and daring, especially when he supported the notion that man came from apes.

Now let us go back to the present. I believe that most of you have , at one time or another, heard or even seen the movie about apes ruling the planet. There are also documentaries and findings that point out a genetic link between human beings and our close cousins, the monkeys. In fact, archaeological expeditions have dug-out primitive human remains that resemble more closely the apes and monkeys than that of the present human race. However, there is no hiding the fact that millions of years ago, our race continued to evolve in tune with the environment, until we arrived at the most able human race, the Homo sapiens, or us.

Evolution has separated the primitive apelike beings into different paths, one going into a whole field that led to what is now the present primates, e.g. monkeys; while another branch led to human beings. In fact, if you would ask people about the differences between a human and a primate, it is already a no-brainer and many could already tell many differences right away.

First of all, human beings are considered as the superior race. Many will agree with me on this. Not that I am being boastful but I am just stating the obvious. We, as human beings, have been endowed with a higher level of knowledge and intellect, the capacity to adapt and think; the ability to communicate in different languages, creativity, and many other things that make us a distinguished species from the rest of the kingdom, Animalia. The fact that we have come a long way in terms of technology and advances speaks for itself about the intellect of man. Basically, human beings have been given the right tools and skills to become what they are today.

As for monkeys, they do look somehow similar in physical characteristics to us but greatly differ in intellectual capacity, language, and skills. They only have crude and instinctive intellect which is used mainly for their own survival. There is really a distinct difference between humans and that of monkeys.

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1. There is a genetic proof that primates, such as monkeys, and humans once belong to an ape-like species millions of years ago, but differ in their evolution path into the present.

2. Humans are far superior in intellect, skills, language, and other characteristics with that of our close cousins.

3. Monkeys use crude skills and language, and act according to their innate instinct to survive.

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  1. Don’t forget how one man with keen observational skills spotted this out when it came to obversation it was charles darwin who just so happened to guess right, but it was not confirmed until regular DNA tests revealed this and about 50 more years of anthropology and biology explorations into the neatest regions of planet earth that it was fully understood the the theory now known as “Evolution” which is commonly refered to souly Darwin himself of creating when he had no idea, but maybe the spacial and intellectual iq to put human skeletal remains and monkey remains together and come up with some peculiar linkage to them. Not only did his theory get wide fame from modernists around the world, but garnered the attention and respect of millions in the world for his “observational skills” in the sciences. But of course some people new to science will tell you that he created the whole “evolution theory himself, but to only learn that his theory was really a competitor of theories that of which landed him the lucky combination of finding such a find as this one. He IS KNOW FOR MONOGENISM. Which at the time was very humble, and people still resorted to the old fashioned way of Polygenism. This article is very helpful by the way, THANKS!

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