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The difference between humans and Neanderthals is their height, size and morphological features. Neanderthals, when compared to humans, were shorter in height and smaller in size. Humans have larger bodies when compared to Neanderthals, and have a significant difference in form and structure, especially in their skulls and teeth.

Another significant difference in the human and Neanderthal is their DNA. Fossil and archaeological evidence prove a distinct separation between Neanderthals and the modern Homo sapiens. Neanderthals were a different species to humans. The brain of a Neanderthal had a raised larynx, and was also bigger than that of the Homo sapiens.

There are notable physical differences between humans and Neanderthals, such as the Neanderthal has thicker bones, shorter limbs, an asymmetrical humerus, barrel chest and thicker metacarpals.

Neanderthal developmental differences from humans are the Craniodental development. Neanderthal and human faces and dental differences starts right from pre birth. The human and Neanderthal occurrence in time also signifies a difference in both species. Neanderthals, when compared to humans, were much stronger, and they lived in the cold climate of Europe.

Neanderthals were homogeneous species, and they are not human ancestors. Although, the difference between humans and Neanderthals when compared to apes is small. Neanderthals had a small population in the relatively recent past, and have no genetic or evolutionary connections with humans. Neanderthals displayed limited genetic diversity due to the lack of clear hybrids in the fossil record, and the lack of Neanderthal features in modern humans. Their limited genetic diversity suggests they went extinct, leaving no descendants. Their Homo erectus development is also more similar to that of apes rather than the modern human. The human child’s growth rate is slower than that of the Neanderthal child, as they used to grow rapidly from infants to adults.

Humans share similarities with other animals, such as anatomical, physiological and biochemical aspects. As humans are made from pre-existing material, as said by the bible, humans have much similarity within their basic body plan, the way it works and the underlying chemical pathway and machines in the body. They are almost the same as other mammals such as Neanderthals and other primates. Some of the significant differences between the human and Neanderthal are the distinctive sizes of their brain, bipedalism, decreased size of back teeth and advanced culture.


1. Human and Neanderthal brains and body structures have major differences in height and size.

2. Neanderthals are not ancestors of humans, but a homogenous species.

3. Humans have developed better eyesight, hearing or smell than Neanderthals due to skeletal adaptations.

4. Neanderthals and humans have many difference in their DNA.

5. Humans and Neanderthals seem not to have major differences in their behavior, and as well as cultural abilities, but Neanderthals fossil brains differ from the modern human brain.

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  1. This needs to be updated, I believe that it was recently reported on the news that Neaderthal genes have recently been found in some human DNA. Could you check on this?

    • You are exactly right. Harvard Professionals on Genetic Studies have now concluded that Neanderthal did live on in everybody except Native Africans so the differences as stated above in Neanderthal man not looking at all like Modern day humans must be complete crap. This poster had better go back to school to learn what has recenttly been found which will certainly call into question wht this poster claims there is absolutelt no comparison between Homo Sapien (us) and Neanderthal. Not sure who wrote this article but I am sure it is time for that person to retire from commenting or get a real degree or at minimum get a refresher course so he can know what has been recently going on while they was doing other things like sleeping their life away.

      • As soon as I read , “As humans are made from pre-existing material, as said by the bible…” I knew there would be falsehoods in the article.

    • Your comment is very interesting. You were looking for an update. In doing that it would help if you could recall where & when it was reported that Neaderthal genes have recently been found in some human DNA. You are the only one who has the source of that information. Google and other search engines are terrific. Give us some kind of clue, like time, TV networks you watch, and any biases that might have influenced your opinion. I am interested and willing to help .

    • I infact have an unusually high number of Neanderthal variants in my DNA- within the 87th percentile. I know many others have variants to some degree as well.

  2. A CBS program said humans out number neaderthals
    10 to 1, Out numbered wiped out neaderthals population . Also a study of about 1000 people from Africa , Asia and Europe showed they
    had a small percent of neaderthal gene.

  3. “As humans are made from pre-existing material, as said by the bible”


    • Would you please enlighten everybody here exactly which material man is not made of from here?? Man is made from elements found here on Planet Earth as is taught in every school everywhere except for the one you went or did not attend. My genious can you please inform all known scientists and Physics Proffesors exactly where they went wrong? I would love to know how far you went in school or if you even attended school whatsoever as the fact we are made from elements here on Earth is taught in every Middle School across America. There is even a poem that is taught that lists every element found in man. Perhaps you have not yet come out of the caves as your remark displays that mental capacity.

    • Here are the elements proven to be the elements all humans are made of:




      Alpha Order


      Since you know more than all of the scientists and medical and mineralogists around the world can you please tell us which one is not found here on Earth?

      • Hah. @ralph you are an utter scatter brain. It seems as if you are the one still living under a rock. Here Stevens is making a social commentary on house the author of this article uses a work of historical fiction as solid evidence. The fact that you missed that is ridiculous. It’s so obvious and yet you didn’t see it.

  4. This article is really outdated. Two modern chimps of the same species will have more DNA variation than Neanderthals or Denisovans have to modern humans. And yes, Neanderthals and modern humans did interbreed. It sounds like the words in this article like “significant”, “major” and “prove” are used to compensate for weak evidence that has now been shown to be false–NOT very scientific.

  5. So basically whites ppl are not human ctfu ..
    Awwww man is this y y’all treat the real humans bad lol …wait til I find my history teacher & cuss his ass out for not teaching us IMPORTANT STUFF

    • Are you the author of this article?

    • Clearly we all came from the same source, even neanderthal (just much earlier). The small amount of admixture that did occur (while kind of cool I think, to know an ancient branch of humanity live on through) does not make us not human. I would be very careful, if I were you (and I’m not), about declaring the presence or absence of the humanity of any given population, given the company that puts you in. It serves no useful purpose, other than to inflame already simmering tensions (unless that is your goal), and does not lead to mutual respect and understanding. You become the problem.

  6. Sneaking religious obscurantism. Is this website a front for mediaval religion obscuring scientific advances? Again
    What has the stupid bible to do with evolution biology?

  7. Goddess666

    Are whites the real humans? I think they are the real neanderthals, given their bigger heads thus bigger brains and their intellectual superiority. I understand neanderthals used tools that time.

  8. I don’t understand “The brain of a Neanderthal had a raised larynx, and was also bigger than that of the Homo sapiens.”. The larynx is a structure in the throat, has nothing to with the brain.

  9. Greg Bradon brought up all this stuff from his new book, saying that we interbred w Neanderthals, but did not descend from them or Apes. We just ‘appeared’ 200 thousand years ago.
    We have a uniquely tweaked gene number 2, or something like that
    The reason I’m here, is that this means evolution may be all wrong.. What do You All think? Aloha

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