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Dog is a term used to broadly describe the members of C. Lupus species of the Canidae family. Although most of this species also encompasses wolves.The term dog in everyday usage is used only to describe the domesticated subspecies. The foxes on the other hand belong to the Vulpini tribe of the Canidae Family.

Dogs are  domesticated animals and have been working for humans as well as provide companionship at least for the last 12,000 years. The fox is still a wild animal. Although the domestic Dogs belong to 2 main subspecies, due to the interest of the humans in the dogs and the specific requirements the dogs have now evolved into hundreds of different breeds. The fox has just about 12 species. While the dogs are quite friendly and ready to interact with humans the foxes tend to stay away from humans.

The physical characteristics of dogs may vary greatly depending on the breed or type. The height of the dogs may vary from just about a few inches in the case of Chihuahua to a few feet in the case of the English Mastiff. The foxes are much smaller than the dogs weighing approximately  5 ‘“ 6 kgs. They are easily recognizable by the long muzzle like snout and a very bushy tail. The dogs tend to be a bit heavier than the fox. The female of the breed in dogs is called a bitch the female of the fox is called a vixen.

While dogs are generally domesticated, in the wild they would normally be living in large packs and hunt in packs. The fox on the other hand is generally found living alone and hunts very small animals like rabbits, rats, etc.

The life expectancy in smaller dogs is approximately 15 ‘“ 16 years while in larger dogs is about 10 ‘“ 13 years. The life expectancy in foxes is 10 years.

1.Dog is a term commonly used to broadly describe the members of Canini tribe of Caninae subfamily of the Canidae family. The foxes on the other hand belong to    the Vulpini tribe of the Canidae Family.
2.Dog is a domesticated animal while the fox is a wild animal.
3.Fox is much smaller than a dog with a longer snout and a busy tail.
4.Fox is a lonely animal while dogs on the other hand would prefer to be in a pack.

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