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Difference Between Labradors and Golden Retrievers

labradorLabradors vs Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is larger at 65 to 80 pounds to a Labrador’s 65 to 75 pounds. That apart golden retrievers have more fur than a Labrador.
Labrador typically has shorter hair which makes them adapt to water very well. They often come in black, brown and blonde colors. The Golden Retriever’s fur could be a reddish brown or a light golden color. This depends on its genetic traits. Temperament-wise the Labrador is a very friendly and homely dog, while the golden retriever has the reputation of a hunting dog.

The Golden Retriever is heavier than the Labrador and this makes it comparatively sluggish of the two. An average Labrador will be taller than the Golden Retriever because of difference in the bone structure. This and also the fact that they have more muscle mass also make them more athletic than the golden retriever.

A Labrador’s fur is a special two layer type which insulates it very well against varying temperature conditions. Golden Retrievers’ long and furry hair is not that resistant to water. In so far as grooming is concerned the golden retriever needs more care than the Labrador because of its long and hairy coat of fur.

As retrievers are more prone to dry skin, a large quantity of skin oils is required to keep their coats healthy. Labrador, on the other hand, needs to be groomed 2-3 times per week. The Labrador has consistently been the most popular dog in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Canada. The Golden Retriever on the other hand is predominantly of the British, American, and Canadian types with slight differences in appearance and build.

Labradors are renowned to be a well behaved, friendly, highly versatile breed of dog and make excellent pets. The Golden Retrievers on the other hand are kind, trusting and amiable dogs that get along quite well with everyone, and are not the one man type of dogs.
The life expectancy of Labrador dogs is 10 to 12 years and they usually are quite a healthy breed. The Golden Retrievers too have a health life expectancy and can live up to anything between 10 to 15 years if looked after very well.
Thus we can see that both Labradors and Golden Retrievers are a highly popular breed of dogs, much appreciated and loved by their owners.

1. The golden retriever is larger at 65 to 80 pounds to a Labrador’s 65 to 75 pounds.
2. Labrador typically has shorter hair which makes them adapt to water very well. Golden retrievers have more fur than a Labrador and their coats are reddish brown or a light golden color.
3. The golden retriever is heavier than the Labrador and this makes it comparatively sluggish of the two.
4. An average Labrador will be taller than the Golden retriever because of difference in the bone structure.

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  1. This is a very poorly written and non-factual article. If you’re going to post articles that are meant to be factually informative, then you need to do your research first, and learn correct grammar, to include correct word usage. If I were grading this article as a teacher, this student would get a failing grade.

    • LIES!!
      The golden retriever are not larger than Labradors. I have met a number of male labs exceding a lean 100lbs, but I have yet to met a golden (male or female) that exceedes 80 lbs.
      Also there is a whole line of labrodor breeding known as “feild/working labs”. How can you say that a lab is a “homely” breed and the goldens work the field? Is there a “field golden”?? No that would be laughable!
      Im sorry this information is false please do you reseach before posting garbage.

  2. This is so wrong you obviously are just trying to prove that labs are better because you like them better I would give this a zero

  3. Do the research

  4. More muscle mass should make the labrador heavier. Muscle weighs more than fat. You should do your research better.

  5. This is so FALSE you are obviously make Golden Retrievers seem bad

  6. I have 2 amazing Goldens and they are amazing.They cuddle up with me and kiss me a lot. They are not stinky. They love to swim and my family has had Goldens all there life. You are making them sound horrible.THEY ARE BETTER THAN YOU THINK!!!!!

  7. Goldens swim better and do not shed that much!

  8. My grade is a N
    Or a zero

  9. Chill guys they are just dogs…Labradors and Labrador retrievers are both good dogs..Labradors are just a tinsy bit easier to take care of..and retrievers are the tinsy bit better looking ones..don’t discriminate..

  10. This is the best website for a essay. The summary that they provide makes it much easier to find facts. This website is very reliable.

  11. 1. Labrador’s are on average slightly bigger and heavier than Golden Retrievers.

    2. How does shorter hair make them adapt to water ? Both breeds are exceptionally swimmer and have a natural love for the water. If anything Golden Retrievers have a slight edge in the “Love of the Water” department.

    3. Both breeds are high-energy and require vigorous daily exercise. Oath are always ready to go for a walk , retrieve a frisbee or a ball. Again, the two are fairly equal on energy level.

    4. Labrador’s do have shorter hair which gives them a bit of an advantage in warm weather, and Golden’s have a double coat The outer being longer, which gives them a little more insulation in colder weather.

    What about important things like;

    Intelligence – both are very easy to train and new commands easily , both are willing and eager to please.

    Utility – both make great family pets, both are great sporting dogs and excel into retrieving downed game. Both make excellent service dogs. Both have great sense of smell and make great detection dogs.

    Health – unfortunately Golden Retrievers seem to have an increased risk of cancer in recent years.

    This author just reinforces the fact that internet is just full of misinformation – intentional , accidental , or just ignorance. There used to be a time where writes and authors took pride in their work and did their best to verify the accuracy of their work – that time has long since past.

  12. The Labrador retriever is more energetic and bit heavier than the golden retriever. I would say that a Labrador is always ready for action and its never enough for them. Whereas the Golden retrievers are contained, calm, and are always ready to please their owners. If I was given a chance to select between a Labrador retriever vs Golden retriever, I would select both. Cannot go with only one. They both fulfill a family as an entirety.

    Great article! Loved your walkthrough!

  13. I have had the pleasure of owning both breeds. They are both fantastic animals.

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