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Difference Between English Labs and American Labs

English Labs vs American Labs

Dogs are one of the most lovable pets that a person could ever have. People could have benefits from these canines as they can help people in various ways. It could be the guardian at home since it is very particular with its territory. But most importantly, it is one of the most loyal pets that man could ever have.

But certainly there are these dogs that are not that loyal as well and look shabby for some people. Moreover, many people would actually prefer dogs that could be very flashy in terms of its appearance. Added to that, dog enthusiasts would actually prefer show dogs or intelligent dogs. With those qualities mentioned, one of the breeds that would first come to mind would be the Labrador retrievers or “Labs.” There are two common types of Labrador retrievers. These are the English Labrador retrievers and the American Labrador retrievers. Although some would say that there is no difference between American and English labs; however, there are actually differences between the two.

Frankly speaking, with the names themselves there is an evident difference. One Labrador retriever comes from the United States of America and the other one is from England. The American labs are sometimes called field labs whereas the English labs are often called show labs. These dogs are extremely intelligent compared to other domestic dogs. With that being said, the two labs have a sort of personality as well. The English labs tend to be calm whereas the American labs tend to be more outgoing.

People who have both the American labs and the English labs do not commonly see their differences when it comes to physical attributes. There is a significant difference between the weights of the American labs and English labs. American labs are actually heavier than the English labs. The range of the weight of American labs would go from 70 lbs. and can reach up to 120 lbs. English labs, on the other hand, would weigh from 60 lbs to 85 lbs. They also have a difference in their conformation. The heads of American labs tend to be thinner than those of the wide block heads of English labs. For the American labs, their bodies are thinner and duller than those of the English labs that have thicker and stacked bodies. As for the legs, the American lab has longer ones while the English labs have shorter legs. They also have a difference in their muzzles. The muzzles of the American dogs tend to be pointy while the snouts of the English labs tend to be broad. As for their tails, the American lab has the whip tail while the English labs have an otter-like tail.


1.American labs come from America while English labs come from England.

2.American labs are outgoing while English labs are calm.

3.The American labs are much heavier than the English labs.

4.They have differences in their bodies more particularly in their size, nose, legs, and tail.

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