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Black vs Yellow Lab

A family choosing what type of dog to get is really one of the most exciting experience that will be remembered for an entire lifetime. If your family is one of those choosing which dog to get, the best advice you can obtain from everybody else is to get a Labrador. A Labrador retriever is one of the most family friendly dogs that any person can pet. It is very fun to be with especially with the kids because Labradors are known for their friendliness. They’re also spirited and full of energy. Having one is kind of raising your own kid as well (although a Labrador returns loyalty and love like no other beings can). Do you remember the movie Marley & Me? That dog is a Labrador. Even if that was a fictional story, Labrador in real life is just like that of the one portrayed in the movie.

Labradors are also very loving to its masters. They’re very smart dogs. In Canada, UK and US, the most popular breed owned by families is the Labrador. Back then the Labrador used to be a hunting companion for its very amazing retrieving skills. Because of this, the Lab has become the most popular assistance dog in places such as Australia, UK, Canada and US. The Lab is also used by a lot of police forces, because it is not just very helpful, it is also easy to train with and very compassionate to their masters. Some of the best kinds of Labrador you can choose from are the black, the chocolate, and the yellow colored Labradors. The most common is the black and the yellow.

Getting a black Labrador retriever puppy is a good choice. If you don’t want a lot of problems, having a black Labrador would be great because it is one of the mellowest kinds of dogs that you will certainly love. A black colored lab is easy to leave around with the kids. These mutts are very playful and likely loves to mess around outdoors. The great thing is their colors wouldn’t show how messy they got. These puppies will eat most probably whatever you put in front of them, that is why you must monitor what the Labrador eat every now and then. You must make sure that he does not eat the wrong food. This is important so that it can stay away from health problems. The owner must also be prepared of staying outdoors, because the Labrador dogs need to stay fit to stay healthy. You can play catch or Frisbee with the dog; make sure you have much energy especially with the black Lab because it has more energy. If you are both energetic and healthy, both of you will be having a lot of fun, this will guarantee the love between the Lab and its master.

If you already have a black Lab, it is best that you get the yellow one too. This is because they complement each other. They are like Bonnie and Clyde; they are the partners in crime. Only they will not do criminal things, instead they will give more fun to the entire family, especially with the children. Yellow Labs are famous for their retrieving skills too, only, the golden retrievers type of dogs are more popular. The yellow Lab will be very active and fun as well, you will definitely have a new member of the family with the love a Lab can give to its owner.


1. The Yellow Lab is the complement for the black; besides their color they’re pretty much are the same.

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  1. I wanna get a lab puppy but m not able to decide which one should I pick..Black or yellow? Pls help me for this

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