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Difference Between Eating and Smoking Weed

Eating vs smoking weed

Marijuana, or otherwise known as cannabis, or reefer, or ganga, weed or pot, is classified as Schedule I Substance under the Controlled Substances Act. It contains 400 compounds which can either cause mental side effects as a short term experience or help ease terminal diseases. The legalization of Marijuana is forever lobbied in countries where it is considered illegal. It was in the 30’s that the CIA branded it illegal and harmful when taken in. Now it seems that the perception to the plant has changed drastically. The world seemed friendlier to it and shows that it slowly becomes acceptable. The use of it is even portrayed on movies (not that it’s the first time), but this time on movies with lighter themes and the viewers are younger. Although marijuana is already accepted or regulated in other countries there are still some conservatives groups that negate marijuana and its effects on the society so when the word marijuana is mentioned, there is still that ring that makes it more controversial.

Marijuana can be smoked in a stick, in a bong, or can be ingested through foods. Although these have the same effects, it usually differs in the length of the effect and how long it will take its effect. Some users or fans prefer to either smoke it or cook and eat it.

A smoked weed is somewhat easier than cooking it. All the user has got to do is roll it up with a rice or wheat straw, with an ordinary paper or with a tissue. The sense is that when you roll a joint you just have to keep the paper thin and simple. Of course a thick paper would cover the taste of the weed so it’s really not ideal. When rolling up a joint, lay down the piece of paper with the dried weed in it then roll it up. It’s that easy. Even a first-timer can do it. Smoking it is as easy as it sounds too. When you want to smoke it using bong you can either purchase it in stores or you can have it homemade. If you want to do it yourself, then here are the steps to remember. (1.) Find an empty water container at least 2 liter bottle and make sure it still has its cap on. (2.) Make a down stem out of your ball pen. (3.) Make a bowl out of rolled up tin foil. (4.) Make a hole near the bottom of the bong using a knife. Make sure the hole is just the right size for the down stem to fit. Remember to make a hole not at the very bottom of the bong. There should be enough room for the water. (5.) Insert your ball pen chamber in. Tape it if it does not stay in place. (6.) Tape your tin foil bowl at the end of your ball pen chamber. Poke small holes at the bottom of the bowl. (7.) Make a carb hole on the side of the bong at least an inch higher than the down stem hole. Then voila! You have your DIY bong. Good thing about bongs is that it is not perishable. You can keep it as long as it can still be used.

Eating weed is really an exciting venture mainly because not everybody is brave enough to make hash brownies and space cakes. Not only that, these weed filled foods are exclusive only to countries that marijuana is not illegal. People who have eaten weed testify that the ‘high’ effect of Marijuana when eaten usually is 4x longer than when it is smoked. The preparation for space cakes and hash brownies are generally the same with how a cook makes typical brownies only that the cook adds a very special ingredient in it— dried marijuana leaves.



Smoking marijuana is an easier task than cooking it.

A rolled up joint is easier to find than hash brownies or space cakes.

The effect of eaten weed lasts longer than when it was smoked.

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