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Differentiating liking someone from having a simple crush may be more difficult than differentiating either one from falling in love. It is because having a crush on someone and liking them look exactly the same. For some, they treat both as one and the same, but for many other individuals these are very different.

Although describing the two can become so subjective, many people place distinct differences between them. For one, liking somebody may mean enjoying each other’s company. You like being with this person or this group of people because you easily have fun with them. In their company, you can easily talk and even laugh altogether comfortably without actually getting embarrassed. By contrast, having a crush on someone has more physical attraction to the looks of that person or how he or she carries himself or herself. When you experience this, it is very possible that you’ll experience having dreams about them either when you’re awake or asleep. It is actually more of a desire to be with that person but not to the point of needing that person deeply as in the case of love.

In the beginning, liking someone and a crush start at the same point. You tend to develop a generalized attraction towards another person. But to like someone is more of being attracted, not on the physical aspect, but on the personality of the person. The next development may be that the feeling of having a crush on someone may fade away very fast. For example, you may learn that the person you initially had your eye on was not likable because of a bad personality which will tone down your excitement towards him or her. When you like a person, chances are that you will continue to like him or her far longer than someone you initially had a crush on.

In addition, when you like someone, there is actually a bigger inclination for a friendship as compared to having a crush for someone wherein there is a more romantic link. In other words, it is safe to say that a crush is like “love from a distance.” You are still too shy to confess anything to that person that’s why you are just admiring him or her from afar.


1.Liking is more of being attracted to the non-physical attributes of the person (like his or her personality) while having a crush on someone is more of being attracted to his or her looks.
2.Liking is more inclined for friendship as compared to crushes which are more inclined to developing romantic feelings.
3.The feeling of having a crush on someone usually fades away faster than the feeling of liking someone.
4.Having a crush on someone is like admiring that person from a distance.

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  1. Hi,

    I read your whole content, i am having doubt.

    1.Did love at first sight is like a crush and love comes from understanding is liking his/her personal attributes.
    2. Did crush means interested in dating, sexual and other fun or more like chatting,flirting fun etc….


  2. I really like Tyler but maybe it’s just a crush I man I get jealous when I see other girls with him and I get even more jealous when i realize that other girls know him better than I do it honestly hurt I’ve likes him her about 8 months from the first day of high school to him very day there’ve been several times when I’ve wanted to get over him I mean I almost fell for him cousin but I can when I see him smile my heart just melts but I wish I didn’t like him having a crush can hurt so much more than you expected honestly it tears you to pieces I just wish I could be close friends with him but like I don’t know if I like him or it’s just a crush… Tyler Cho till I day I die I’ll never understand you….

    • I am going through the exact same situation literally nobody could’ve said it better. I did start to like this person in 10th grade and then when 11th grade started I stopped liking him without reason but he just kept hanging around me and I was left thinking that I still liked him. I am sitting in my bed at 3 am confused over the fact that I can say “I do not like him” and I don’t think I ever truly did. I feel like it was more lust than like and I was going through the same things you were going through. I would say just give it a chance bc it could most likely be a crush but it can turn into liking him too.

  3. The definition of crush is like that…
    Like u have crush on someone ,then u will happy with his/her anywhere, u do that thing whichever ur crush like most…
    U try impress ur crush by ur activity and always wanted to get attention of ur crush whenever he /she is around you…

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