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  1. Varun
    April 17, 2015


    I read your whole content, i am having doubt.

    1.Did love at first sight is like a crush and love comes from understanding is liking his/her personal attributes.
    2. Did crush means interested in dating, sexual and other fun or more like chatting,flirting fun etc….



  2. A
    April 2, 2020

    I really like Tyler but maybe it’s just a crush I man I get jealous when I see other girls with him and I get even more jealous when i realize that other girls know him better than I do it honestly hurt I’ve likes him her about 8 months from the first day of high school to him very day there’ve been several times when I’ve wanted to get over him I mean I almost fell for him cousin but I can when I see him smile my heart just melts but I wish I didn’t like him having a crush can hurt so much more than you expected honestly it tears you to pieces I just wish I could be close friends with him but like I don’t know if I like him or it’s just a crush… Tyler Cho till I day I die I’ll never understand you….


  3. A
    April 2, 2020



  4. Prince
    December 26, 2020

    The definition of crush is like that…
    Like u have crush on someone ,then u will happy with his/her anywhere, u do that thing whichever ur crush like most…
    U try impress ur crush by ur activity and always wanted to get attention of ur crush whenever he /she is around you…


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