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Lovers and friends are the same in the sense that they often quarrel a lot even with the pettiest things. The difference, though, is that lovers usually perform very affectionate gestures of kissing and hugging during the making up process while friends simply make up. Surprisingly, it has been observed that those lovers who failed to make up after a fight often result to cooling off and distancing from each other. The sad part is that it is usually more difficult for them to get back on track. With friends, even if they didn’t make up, they have the better tendency of making up in the long run.

In terms of jealousy, both friends and lovers get jealous. The difference is the reason why they got jealous. Friends easily get jealous when their close friends don’t pay much attention to them while lovers really get jealous only because there were some issues with commitment. If a lover gets jealous, he or she is damn serious about it. On the other hand, a friend who gets jealous will look a little funny, although some types of friends also get pretty serious.

The lover and the friend would also want to make you and themselves happy. And so your friend would like to hang out with you, talk about almost anything, and even share aspirations and secrets. Among lovers, these actions are already expected. The greatest action or expression of happiness in lovers is probably through sex. Yes, there is that sexual need that has to be met by lovers.

The relationship between lovers and friends can both become too complicated. However, lovers are the ones who try to adjust to each other’s attitudes and differences. Friends usually don’t mind if their fellow friend is their exact opposite because they just don’t give much fuss about it. Whether your friend goes nuts or freaks out in front of you is not a problem at all – you are not turned off, you even laugh about it more.


1.Friends just hang out and do merry making to make themselves happy, but lovers also have sex on top of doing the same things that friends do to get happy.
2.Lovers do more affectionate gestures of kisses and intense hugging most especially after a quarrel. Friends after recuperating from a quarrel just stop there without the added intimacy.
3.When lovers get jealous, they often look serious or angry, but when friends get jealous, they look a bit funny.
4.Lovers often exert more effort to adapt to each other’s differences. Friends are plainly satisfied no matter how their fellow friends act, behave, or appear.

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