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bobcat_lynxLynx vs Bobcat

The world of taxonomy can be tricky place. Chihuahuas are of the same species as mastiffs, despite their vast difference in appearance. Cougars, mountain lions, and pumas are actually all the same animal. The lynx and the bobcat are all but identical to the untrained viewer. However, there is a difference between a lynx and a bobcat.

Physical Appearance
Lynx ‘“ refers to three species of feline in the genus Lynx. They are larger in size, weighing up to 85 pounds. They have ear tufts that can extend to over an inch in length. The fur around their face puffs out into a pseudo-mane. They have longer legs and wider paws than bobcats. The coat of lynx has varied shades of gray and no distinctive patterning.
Bobcat ‘“ is the fourth species that makes up the genus Lynx. Bobcats are smaller than lynxes, and have shorter legs and more delicate paws. Their ear tufts are also shorter and they do not have a mane. This makes them look like a large housecat. The coat of a bobcat is of a variegated brown and grey with black spots and black stripes on their tail.

Lynx ‘“ lives throughout most of Europe, Russian, and northern Asia. Lynx are also found in Canada and along the United States’ border. They prefer a wooded habitat.
Bobcat ‘“ lives throughout much of the continental United States. Its territory overlaps with the lynx in the north, but bobcats thrive in almost any habitat: swamps, desert fringes, and forests.

Lynx ‘“ are predators. They prefer rabbits over all other animals. Some have been known to bring down reindeer in the far north, but snowshoe hare is its favorite prey.
Bobcats ‘“ are also predators. They enjoy rabbits as well, but also hunt smaller animals like birds and mice. If they can, they will also bring down deer.

Lynx ‘“ shy away from human contact. This may be because they were extensively hunted for their thick furs. Many lynx, especially the Spanish lynx, are endangered.
Bobcats ‘“ are very aggressive. They can pounce from a distance of ten feet to take down prey three or four times their size. Bobcats were also hunted for their fur, but because of their environmental adaptableness and recent United States’ protection laws they are still a thriving predator.

1.While a lynx and a bobcat are very similar in appearance, lynx are a little bigger, have a hairy face, and a plain coat of grey compared to the mottled fur of a bobcat.
2.Lynx live in the forests of Europe, northern Asia, and Canada while bobcats thrive in almost every environment in the United States.
3.Lynx will hunt rabbits nearly exclusively but bobcats vary their diets with creatures large and small.
4.Bobcats are more aggressive than lynx.

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