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chipmunk_squirrelSquirrel vs Chipmunk

In backyards through the United States you can find small creatures running around. College campuses, especially those dotted with old stands of trees are particularly favorite haunts. These animals are often considered cute and sometimes thought to be a nuisance. Once you get to know them, they are easily distinguishable. They are squirrels and chipmunks.

Basic Appearance
Squirrel ‘“ comes in a variety of colors ranging from black, to grey, to red, to brown. There are even rare albino squirrels. The most distinctive characteristic of a squirrel is its large bushy tail that almost doubles the length of the animal. They have powerful back legs that are longer than their front ones. Their eyes are large and placed on either side of their head and their ears are proportionally large and stand straight up.
Chipmunk ‘“ can be recognized by their unique color and stripe pattern. The main body of a chipmunk is a warm brown color. Running down its back are alternating black and white stripes. Chipmunks are generally smaller than squirrels. Their tails are quite short in comparison. The basic body shape of a chipmunk is the same as a squirrel.
Many of these similarities come from the fact that chipmunks and squirrels both belong to the family Sciuridae.

Squirrel ‘“ can be found all over North America, Europe, Asia, and even some parts of Africa. They range from the typical Eastern Grey Squirrel most common in the United States to smaller red and black squirrels in other parts of the world. They commonly like an environment with lots of trees, but squirrels have adapted to both marginal and urban living.
Chipmunk ‘“ are mostly found in North America. There is one species found in northeast Asia as well. Chipmunks also like to live in the forest, but can be found in the suburbs or urban areas that have trees.

Squirrels ‘“ cannot eat grass or other cellulose rich food. Instead it enjoys a diet of nuts, seeds, fungi, and legumes. Squirrels are also known to eat insects and even small vertebrates if they are really hungry.
Chipmunks ‘“ are also omnivores who eat nuts, greens, eggs, insects, and fungi.

In Popular Culture
Squirrel ‘“ can be found playing important roles in many children’s stories like the Redwall series, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Watership Down.
Chipmunk ‘“ Disney’s Chip and Dale and the cartoon Alvin and the Chipmunks are the two most popular cases of chipmunks in our culture.

1.Chipmunks and squirrels come from the same family and therefore have similar diets and habitat preferences.
2.The easiest way to tell a chipmunk from a squirrel is by looking for the big bushy tail of a squirrel.
3.Because chipmunks and squirrels are so well-adapted to living side by side with humans, they have found their way into many of our stories and television shows.

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