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Difference Between Men’s Brain and Women’s Brain

Men’s Brain vs Women’s Brain

Knowing the difference between men’s and women’s brains would instigate another blaze of fiery argument which would certainly connect to the issue of which gender was made superior. However, it is because of this precise reason that knowing the difference between men’s and women’s brains became very interesting and fun. Scientific people, psychologists, authors, and doctors have all drawn out the anatomical, physiological, external, internal, and other factors to find out what really sets each other apart.

Notice how men are so adept with directions and mechanical things while women are more acquainted with emotion and communication. These characteristics and many more will be highlighted in the top 10 differences that set men’s brains apart from women’s. The top 10 reasons are: human relationships, left brain vs. both of the hemispheres, mathematical abilities, reaction to stress, emotion, brain size, language, pain, susceptibility to disorders, and spatial ability. For further explanations, read on.

Men’s brains, to begin with, are 11% larger than women’s brains. This fact is proven since men need more neurons to suffice for their big muscles and big body size. Men were also proven to be very adept in their spatial abilities where they are acquired with the ability to interpret shapes and all of its dynamics. Not only that, because of the level of testosterone that men’s brains release, men tend to have the response called fight or flight when it comes to reacting to all forms of stress. Men’s brains are also larger in the area called inferior-parietal lobule or IPL, making them more skillful in mathematics compared to women. And finally, did you know that men are more responsive to the left side activity of the brain? This makes them stronger on task-oriented activities because the approach is using problem solving. But aside from these positive sides of men, they also fall short on some categories where women are more proficient. These categories include language (men only process language dominantly in one part of the brain), human relationships (where men only focus on task-oriented activities making them less talkative and more isolated), susceptibility to disorders (where men are more inclined to have dyslexia, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, and autism).

Women’s brains, on the other hand, enable them to process both the right and the left hemisphere, thus making them approach problems with creativity and sensitivity. Because of how women utilize both parts of the brain, it made them more effective in communicating to others using tone, empathy, and emotion. This is why women are generally more bonded with everyone else (of both genders) than men are. Not only that, women are more adept in language-based subjects and in language-associate thinking. This is because the two sections of the brain which are responsible for language have been found to be bigger in women compared to men. This also benefits women in the long run because it slightly protects them from strokes. When reacting to stress, women approach it with the “tend and befriending” strategy. This is because women’s brains produce less testosterone and more estrogen when stress arises. The hormone estrogen fuels oxytocin (the calming and nurturing hormone). When it comes to emotions, women are also found to be more adept than men. This is because women have a larger deep limbic system. This allows women to express their feelings very well and have a deeper connection to others. However, women’s brains make them susceptible to more pain than men requiring a higher dosage of morphine if the need arises. It also makes women less skillful in spatial activities because their parietal region is thicker than men’s. Women’s emotional quotient also makes them more prone to depression.


1.Men’s and women’s brains show significance in the differences in the characteristics of both genders.

2.Men have larger brain mass compared to women because they need more neurons for their bigger body build. 3.Women’s brains, on the other hand, enable them to process both sides of the brain making them more sensitive with their emotions and creative with their output.

4.The level of the calming hormone called oxytocin is fueled with estrogen making women cope up with stress easier compared to men because men’s hormone, called testosterone, blocks the calming hormone when stress arises.

5.Men are more adept in math because their IPL is larger while women are more adept in language and communication because they can process on both sides of the brain.


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  1. Hmm. Men are also 10% larger on average than women so everything scales out in a relative sense. If you’re interested in this stuff, don’t self-educate on the internasty, its conjecture and hearsay.

    • Also the nonsense about women expressing their feelings better, and being more empathic has to go. This society allows women to express more, while discouraging men.

  2. I was always outstanding at all math. I found language much more difficult. In other cultures, there isn’t a gender bias so prevalent in American media and culture. The gender bias effects the interest and performance of American females.

    This article also sounds like an article I read from a fundamentalist Christian site. Of course they would want to socialize women away from math, because of their agenda to keep women in a limited area in society.

    The brain is plastic, and is always building new connections. When boys are encouraged in math, they end up building these path ways. Girls being discouraged, let these pathways stagnate. But when encouraged they development pathways for math and science.

    Spatial ability is developed by sports and exploration, not related to a person’s gender what so ever.

    It’s time to stop writing this bunk, and manipulating society into boxes. People have individual talent.

    Another pile of nonsense is, men have more gray matter. This too has been disproven, as individuals will vary regardless of gender.

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