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Difference Between Human and Sheep Brain

brain-pdHuman vs Sheep Brain

There are a few differences between the human and sheep brain. The human brain is larger in size and shape when compared to the sheep’s brain. Sheep brains do not have as many ridges and contours when compared to human brains, that have a considerable number of ridges and contours to give them an apparently much larger area than the sheep’s brain. However, there are several differences in human and sheep brains, but almost all mammals brains are similar.

The human brain of an adult weighs about 1,300 to 1,400 grams, and in length is almost 15 cm long. A sheep’s brain is elongated in shape, whereas a human brain is rounded. The human brain stem is towards the backbone and downwards, because in the human body the backbone is vertical; compared to a sheep’s backbone which is horizontal, and its brain is directed outwards. The human brain is not only larger, but heavier than a sheep’s brain, because it is only 140 grams compared to the human brain, and is only about one third as long.

The convolutions and sulci comprises of a larger surface area than sheep apparently have, since they have less ridges and contours. Human behavior and motor control is typically controlled by the cerebellum, and a sheep’s brain has a much smaller cerebellum than the human brain, which, in comparison with humans and their complex learned behaviors, have less motor control and less learning abilities. The olfactory bulb, on the contrary, is comparatively larger in the sheep’s brain when compared to the human brain, because animals usually rely more upon their senses and abilities of smell than humans do. Humans rely more upon other senses, such as sight and hearing, rather than smell like sheep and other animals.

The pineal gland is responsible for controlling reproduction and circadian rhythms, and they happen to be larger in the sheep’s brain when compared to the human brain, that has less basic instinctual behavior controls. There is also a difference in the positioning of the human hind brain, which is different from the sheep because of the human’s erect position.

The human brain is not only an amazing organ, but it allows inventing, creating, and imagining, which is a major difference between human and animal brains, such as the large prefrontal cortex region. This is area behind the forehead that sets the human brain apart from the animal brain – which is not capable of all these inventive and creative processes. The skull protects the human brain, and the skull is about a quarter of an inch thick to protect the human brain from injuries. The human brain, when compared to the sheep’s brain, has a much larger frontal lobe.


1. The human brain is heavier and longer than a sheep’s brain.
2. The sheep’s brain has a more developed olfactory bulb when compared to the human brain.
3. The human brain is rounded, whereas the sheep’s brain is elongated in shape.
4. The human brain has a larger frontal lobe than the sheep’s brain.
5. The human brain and sheep brain have the major difference that humans can think, write, invent or create with their brains, whereas sheep cannot.

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  3. “difference that humans can think, write, invent or create with their brains, whereas sheep cannot.”

    that’s a fallacy, sheeps can’t write becuse they don’t communicate like us and can’t write with no hands, they can invent and think, saying tht they can’t just because they don’t have languaje to communicate like us and don’t have hands to do it neither

    monkeys can’t think, invent nd create and they don’t communicate like us

    • Well actually the human brain is very complex and has more thinking power so we actually are more evolved. Sheep, monkeys cats, & dogs don’t actually have the capability to think in depth then us humans.
      But what your saying is very valid

  4. I feel offended.
    Nice Website thought.

  5. so are there any differences between human brain and other animal’s brain, like physically?
    let’s suppose that creation reaaally happened. is our brain created differently or what?

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