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werewolfWolf vs. Werewolf

Wolves and werewolves are not that difficult to distinguish. They look the same, but are entirely different entities.

First of all, werewolves are mythological creatures, and are also known as the lycanthrope. A werewolf has the capability to transfigure from human form into a wolf-like being. It is said that these creatures transform when a human has been bitten, or even scratched, by a lycanthrope. Placing a curse on a human being can also turn him into a werewolf, according to what the folklores say. Traditionally, it has been observed that the transformations occur during a full moon. Due to the fact that they are half human and half wolf, werewolves are often regarded as creatures with superior strength; their hearing and other senses are of greater capabilities than what humans and wolves have separately. To counteract this superhuman ability, the hunters of werewolves were said to use special silver bullets to capture and kill these creatures.

On the other hand, wolves are plainly the wolves that people see today. These are real life creatures that exist in the real world. Wolves are also known as grey wolves. They have a similar ancestry as the common house dog. According to modern taxonomy, its no wonder that both species fall under the Canine family. It is even said that these creatures are one of the survivors of the ice age, thousands of years ago. They can’t transform into another figure, such as a human form. As wolves, they are just plain animals with the ordinary abilities of running and hearing. Wolves are not super strong like werewolves, for they can be killed in the usual ways, and do not need anything particular, like the use of silver bullets.

Overall, wolves and werewolves differ in the following aspects:

1. Werewolves are mythological creatures. Hence they do not really exist in the real world, but only in the minds of people. These creatures are fictional characters that are often perceived to be true, even without much proof; that’s why it’s a part of myth. Conversely, wolves are real animals.

2. Werewolves are super strong, whereas wolves only have ordinary strengths, speed and senses like domesticated dogs normally have.

3. Werewolves, despite their inhuman strength, become vulnerable to silver bullets, whereas wolves can be harmed easily through any standard killing means.

4. Werewolves are humans that can transform into a wolf-like being, whereas wolves are simple, four legged creatures that can’t transform into any other figure.

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