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Difference Between Yukon and Denali

denali_mountainYukon vs Denali

Adventurers-at-heart should definitely be knowledgeable when it comes to the prime ‘great outdoor’ destinations. How about exploring two similar, yet different, regions in North America, such as Denali and Yukon? Continue reading to find out the main differences between these two regions.

Firstly, let’s have a virtual tour of Yukon. This is one of the three federal territories of Canada, which is located in the North American region. The name means ‘Great River’ in Gwich’in language ‘“ and there are many highlights to this Canadian territory.

You can explore Mount Logan in Yukon, which is the highest mountain in Canada; or trek through the Kluane National Park and Reserve. Yukon is a destination which is larger than life, and will give you a taste of what Mother Nature has to offer.

On the other hand, Denali is the native name of Mount McKinley, in Alaska. Just like Yukon, Denali is located in the North American region. This mountain is the highest mountain peak in North America, and serves as the focal point of the Denali National Park.

When compared to the Mount Everest, Denali, or Mount McKinley, has a larger bulk and rise. However, the summit of Mount Everest is higher when it measured from sea level. Another thing which sets Denali apart from nearby peaks, is its extremely cold temperature.

Meanwhile, Yukon as a territory, also offers a multitude of adventures for outdoor lovers. The capital of Yukon is Whitehorse, a very sparsely populated city that you can explore. There’s also the Kluane National Park and nearby cities, including Dawson City, Watson Lake, Old Crow, Faro and the Kluane Wilderness Village.

No matter which of these two North American destinations you decide to explore, you will definitely have a blast, because they both define the ultimate outdoors experience.


1. Yukon is a federal territory in Canada, North America, while Denali is a mountain in Alaska; also located in the North American region.

2. Yukon has a wider span of territory, spanning several cities, while Denali’s territory is limited to the mountain range itself.

3. Yukon offers the Mount Logan and Kluane National Park and Reserve as its main attractions, while Denali is a mountain attraction all on its own.

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