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Difference between iOS 4 and iOS 4.1

iOS 4 vs iOS 4.1

Users who had been using the Iphone 3 when it was the most coveted gadget around did raise numerous valid questions as to the use of the operating system that their phones had come with. There were many questions that were raised about the response and how the iOS 4.0 ran on the gadget, even when the phone did not have much to process. This piece looks at what were the main problems of the iOS 4.0 and what caused the change to the iOS 4.1.

A common problem that was raised of the Iphone 3G phones is that the response that they elicited to commands given was quite sluggish and in some instances, the phone could become crippled, failing to complete assigned tasks due to an overload of information. This problem was the main issue that was highly talked about.

In the iOS 4.1 many bugs were fixed which caused the sluggish response of the system. These bugs also increased the time it took to complete a single command, thus longer response times. This from comparison shows that the iOS 4.1 operates much faster than when the use of the 4.0 is used.

User interface responsiveness became a big plus for the iOS 4.1 as compared to the 4.o. The responses were almost immediate, gauging with the fact that the same hardware was employed. The 4.1 also came with an improvement to the safari browser that the phone made use of.

One big plus that Steve jobs talked about in the iOS 4.1 is the use of the HDR photo capture that was previously not available in the iOS 4.0. This ingenious innovation was instituted to allow for taking of various pictures that come with different exposure options, a feature that was crucial in allowing for taking of composite pictures. This transformed the photo taking experience, bringing it to a new level of its own where the camera was able to take high quality photos.

Gaming also came with a big post on this phone, allowing for an interactive screen that offered great support for the users in question. The iOS 4.1 came with the Game Center Support that was able to offer gamers an amazing new experience. One of the main points of the Game Center Support was the Epic slather feature that allowed users more interaction and realistic experiences when using the iOS 4.1.

The iOS 4.1 also had a small tweak when it came to the messaging capability. This was however not as noticeable as the other changes that were instituted. The messaging feature as compared to the iOS 4.o was seen to be faster and smoother, allowing for the refreshing of characters and screens faster as when compared to the iOS 4.0.  There is no doubt that the general problems raised by users in the iOS 4.0 were effectively solved and more features were added on to the iOS 4.1 as the raised concerns were solved. One concern that came following the upgrade is that some of the iPhone 3g after making the upgrade were crippled and could not be used. However, after various efforts were put in place to mediate against each of the mentioned problems, the problems were contained and the iOS 4.1 worked well.


The use of iOS 4.1 was agitated for, following the sluggish response of the iOS 4.0

Main change in iOS 4.1 is the user interface response which was faster

The iOS 4.1 also had an improved messaging system

Use of the iOS 4.1 came with the inclusion of the HDR photos which allowed for altering of camera exposure.

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