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Difference Between Nokia 5800 and iPhone

nokia5800_iphoneNokia 5800 vs iPhone
Nokia has stated that the design of the 5800 was inspired by its competitor, the iPhone. Comparing the 5800 to the latest iPhone (3Gs) brings out a few differences that might be worthy of consideration when choosing a phone. The biggest difference between the two is in the software that they use. The Nokia 5800 still sticks to the Symbian OS just like any other Nokia phone while the iPhone has its own OS that is based on Apple’s OS X for Mac. The iPhone is the clear winner here since there are a lot more applications available for the iPhone compare to the 5800.

Hardware wise, it is clear that the 5800 should be at a disadvantage here since it was created as a response to the  iPhone 3G, and the 3Gs was released after the 5800. Both phones utilize an ARM 11 processor but the 3Gs operates at a much higher 600Mhz. The 434Mhz processor of the 5800 is almost identical to what the older 3G uses. The screen of the 5800 is also slightly smaller than the iPhone’s, but it wins with a much higher resolution of 360×640 compare to 320×480 of the iPhone.

The iPhone 3Gs also wins in the data speed category since it achieves the full 7.2Mbps speed while the 5800 can only achieve 3.6Mbps, identical to the 3G. The camera for both phones have very similar specifications at 3megapixels, but there have been reports that the image quality of the photos from the 5800 are not up to par. The saving grace of the 5800 in photography is the presence of a LED flash which makes it possible to shoot photos even in low light conditions. To the chagrin of iPhone lovers, the 3Gs still doesn’t have a LED flash.

For comparison, the 5800 is considerably much better compared to the iPhone 3G in a lot of aspects. But the latest iPhone blows the 5800 out of the water due to the improved hardware and software.

1. Nokia 5800 uses Symbian OS while the iPhone uses its own version of OS X
2. The 5800 has a 434Mhz processor while the latest iPhone has a 600Mhz processor
3. The 5800 has a slightly smaller but more defined screen than the iPhone
4. The 5800 can only achieve 3.6Mbps which is half to that of the latest iPhone
5. The 5800 can be placed somewhere between the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3Gs

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