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Difference Between iPhone 2G and 3G

iphone_3gsApples iphone got a revamp with the introduction of the Iphone 3G with one very obvious upgrade over the 2G. As its name says, the IPhone 3G can now connect to 3G networks and avail of the blazing speeds that the Iphone 2G cannot take advantage of. The 2G only has support for EDGE which gives it speeds that are comparable to a dial-up connection. The physical difference is barely noticeable which makes us wonder how Apple managed to cram all the extra features inside.

The Iphone 2G was a revolutionary mobile phone when it was released in June of 2007. It provided users with a new and innovative way of using the touch screen interface. That coupled with the some features taken from Apple’s very successful product, the ipod, quickly made the iphone a heavy weight contender in the mobile phone market.

The successor of the iPhone, the Iphone 3G which was released just over a year later, had a few upgrades aside from the 3G support. The 3G version is already equipped with its own GPS receiver, allowing the Iphone to be used as an alternative handheld navigation device. The 2G only simulated this capability by triangulating cell towers which is often inaccurate. Another change from the 2G which, although small, made a lot of difference to users who like using their iphone as a music player was the shift to the standard 3.5mm jack; this allowed users the phone owners to use any earphones that are available without the need for an adaptor.

The only thing that seems to be inferior in the iphone 3G is the low battery life. An Iphone 2G can last almost twice as long as the 3G could in a normal daily use. This is understandable though as the added 3G radio consumes a lot of power, add the GPS receiver to that and you have your reason for the quick drain.

1. iPhone 3G supports 3G networks which the 2G does not
2. 2G uses cell tower triangulation to emulate GPS but is fairly inaccurate
3. The 3G has its own GPS unit that allows it to pinpoint your location
4. The 3G has moved to the standard 3.5mm enabling users to use standard headsets
5. The 2G uses a non standard slot requiring users to purchase an adaptor
6. The iPhone 3G is a power hog and uses up the battery almost twice as fast as the 2G

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