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Difference Between 3D TV and 3D Ready TV

3D TV vs 3D Ready TV

3D is the next TV craze after HD. As many cinemas have successfully implemented 3D systems, and with many film companies releasing blockbuster 3D movies, TV makers have also thought of bringing the experience to everyone’s living room. Two options if you want to watch 3D movies now or in the future are 3D and 3D Ready TVs. The main difference between 3D TVs and 3D Ready TVs is completeness. On a 3D TV, you can watch a 3D movie right out of the box. This is not the case with a 3D Ready TV as it is not complete. You can still watch the usual 2D content, though. The main point of a 3D Ready TV is if you do not really need the 3D capabilities right away, they are waiting for the right moment to go for it.

In order to view 3D movies, your TV needs a display that is capable of processing two HD video streams; one for the right eye and another for the left eye which is a screen that is capable of displaying those two video streams concurrently. 3D glasses are used to isolate the images that each of your eyes sees to provide the spatial separation. The last part, which is only for active 3D TVs, is a transmitter that syncs the glasses to the display.

3D and 3D Ready TVs both have the first two parts, but 3D Ready TVs do not have the last two. For passive 3D TVs, the only thing lacking would be the glasses. Obviously, 3D Ready TVs are cheaper compared to 3D TVs. Maybe this is not so much so for passive 3D TVs, but it is crucial for active 3D TVs. The glasses for active 3D TVs cost in the neighborhood of $100 for each pair, and you would probably need multiple pairs.

There are ups and downs for each type of 3D TV. If you want the 3D experience right away, a 3D TV gives it to you right out of the box. If you can wait a bit longer, you can separate the cost of the TV from the cost of buying multiple pairs of glasses, probably a pair for each person in the family, to a later date.


1.You can watch 3D on a 3D TV right out of the box but not on a 3D Ready TV.
2.3D Ready TVs lack 3D glasses and sometimes the transmitter while 3D TVs are complete.
3.3D Ready TVs cost less than 3D TVs.

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