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Difference Between 3D LED TV and 3D LED Smart TV

3D LED TV vs 3D LED Smart TV

TVs have gone a long way from the huge boxes with small screens of yesteryear. Modern innovations have made TVs more efficient, slimmer, with bigger screens, and with better image quality. The only problem is how manufacturers try to stick all these features into the name. There are 3D LED TVs and 3D LED Smart TVs for example. The main difference between 3D LED TV and 3D LED Smart TV is that the latter is connected to the internet, giving it a lot more features.

Let’s dissect the features that these TVs have. 3D basically means that both TVs are capable of displaying 3D movies with the use of 3D glasses, similar to what you get in the movie theaters. LED refers to the type of backlighting that they have. Since both have LED backlights, they are able to achieve much better contrast than other TVs. In the end, the only difference is the Smart feature.

Because 3D LED Smart TVs are connected to the Internet, you can browse sites that you frequently visit. So you can watch YouTube videos on your large TV screen rather than on your smaller computer screen. You can also go to social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and check out what your friends have posted there. Finally, if you are subscribed to Video On Demand services like Netflix, you can just stream the content to your TV.

3D LED Smart TVs also have the ability to run applications that are custom built for the OS it is using in order to provide services beyond what a normal TV offers. These applications range from games, to monitoring aps, to web site specific apps. 3D LED TVs are specifically for viewing content and would not have this capability.

To summarize, the main difference between 3D LED TV and 3D LED Smart TVs are the features you would otherwise get from other devices like the computer. With all other things held constant, image quality would probably not differ much between the 3D LED TV and 3D LED Smart TV.


3D LED Smart TVs are connected to the Internet while 3D LED TVs aren’t
3D LED Smart TVs allow the user to browse the Internet while 3D LED TVs don’t
3D LED Smart TVs have their own applications while 3D LED TVs don’t
3D LED Smart TVs can play the role of many devices that 3D LED TVs can’t

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