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Difference Between Aldiko Free and Aldiko Premium

Aldiko Free vs Aldiko Premium

Aldiko, which appropriately stands for book in Swedish, is an eBook reader that is available for the Android platform. You can find and download it from the Android Market on your mobile phone and it comes in two versions; free and premium. Obviously, the main difference between the two versions is cost because the free version, as the name implies, is free while the Premium version comes at a cost. This is good because you can download the free version and try it out for as long as you want so you can decide if it’s worth paying for the premium version.

So, what do you get when you fork over the cash and upgrade to the premium version? For starters, the premium version no longer displays ads whenever you look for a new book to read. The free version does this to raise a bit of revenue for the authors of the software. Don’t worry though as the ads only appear when visiting the market though and not when you are reading a book.

Aside from the removal of ads, the premium version of Aldiko is also said to have copy protection, which the free version doesn’t have. Copy protection is a way to prevent unauthorized copying of copyrighted material. Because the free version lacks support for copy protection, it is likely to have problems when dealing with or importing files that are copy protected. Due to the added copy protection, the premium version of Aldiko is also bigger by just an MB than the free version. This is no big thing for most people but for those who cannot install apps on their microSD cards, it is good to know that you can save a bit of space by using the free version.

That’s basically it. These differences are quite minor and many people would not even notice the difference. But for only a couple bucks, it is worth it to get the premium version if only to support the developers and give them a reason to continue developing the software.


1. Aldiko Free is Free while Aldiko Premium is available at a cost
2. Aldiko Free displays ads while Aldiko Premium does not
3. Aldiko Free doesn’t have copy protection while Aldiko Premium does
4. Aldiko Free is a full MB smaller than Aldiko Premium

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  1. Who told you that the word for book is Aldiko in Swedish? That is totally bizarre. I live in Stockholm, and the word we use is “bok”


  2. Yeah, I agree with Harold. Not sure in what way Aldiko “stands for” book in Swedish. Book = bok. Books = böcker. Library = bibliotek. None are even remotely similar to “Aldiko”.

  3. In Basque language of northern Spain Aldiko means periodically. This i got from Google translate

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