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Difference Between Free Version of Knothole Island and Premium Version

knothole-gameFree Version of Knothole Island vs. The Premium Version

Are you fond of computer games? If you’re not, surely you’ll start to become addicted once you play the high end console games of today. PS3, Wii and the Xbox 360 all have their own share of the gaming market. With regards to the Xbox 360, they have one particular game, named Fable II. This successful game series now has its first ever, and equally successful, downloadable expansion, named Knothole Island. Do you know anything about it’s two versions?

As an expansion, Knothole Island, as a whole, brings in a new place to play, literally. It features an all-new, and large continent, where players can scout, hunt, meet friends and defeat their enemies. The release of this expansion was a little bit controversial due to some major delays. It was originally scheduled for release sometime in December 2008, but this schedule was adjusted several times until the next year, because of some unforeseen technical bugs in the game itself. The plan of the game’s distribution was also blamed for this delay.

Being a much anticipated game from the very popular game title ‘Fable,’ Knothole Island was released with two versions. One is called the Knothole Island free version, while the other one is the premium version. Both are downloadable contents that give the player lots of additional items, like the knight’s boots, gloves of the assassin, a weight loss elixir, and other amazing sought after items.

Foremost, the free version is said to limit the access of the player. The gamer cannot fully enjoy the new continent being offered. You cannot go there yourself with your game file alone. It is like a co-op, or cooperative play, with a player that has the premium version of the game expansion. In order for you to do this, you just need to have the necessary updates from the game company.

The premium content, although it costs 800 MS (Microsoft) points, offers far more amazing features, like the addition of three different guests in three, all-new dungeons. This is perhaps the major difference in this version as compared to the free downloadable content. It also gives new attires for the characters, like a knight covered in shining armor. There are also six new weapons added in this version, along with several magic potions, which are said to change even the looks of your hero. Lots of weapon customizations are also made available.

As a summary,

1. Knothole Island Premium has the privilege of having island guests, whereas the free version does not have any.

2. The free download does not give any passes to the continent, but only to the updated leader boards. It can only do a sort of ‘cooperative play.’

3. The premium version costs 800 MS points, whereas the free version is obviously free.

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