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Android vs BlackBerry


The scourge of the mobile gadgets is barely containable. Its necessity is no longer debated. It is a reality that without mobile phones, it would be impossible to keep up in this fast changing world.


The need for innovation in this fast changing environment gave birth to what business people and techies call  the ‘smartphones’. Those who were once glued to their laptops and PCs for Internet connectivity have found a ‘smarter’ way to get connected. Smartphones have conquered the world and gained dominion over the lives of people living in the fast lane. This has led to the clash of smart phone developers who are trying to provide the best services to their customers.


Android phones and BlackBerry phones are just two such competitors in the smart phone industry. These two giants are constantly driving technological boundaries beyond the edge in order to be the best.


BlackBerry pioneered smartphones. It created its smartphone with the purpose of creating a multi tasking system for business people. It is a personal digital assistant. It has an address book, memo pad and calendar. It also has a portable media player that allows the user to have media connectivity. BlackBerry is the first ever smart phone that made email transfer a possibility. After the success of its inception, BlackBerry ownership has become a phenomenon.


BlackBerry became a hit and still is because of its following features. (1.) It simply has longer battery life compared to other smartphones. It enables the user to efficiently use wireless data such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi using less battery power. (2.) It is famous for its large array of messaging features. These features include auto- text, language support, push email, and push instant messaging with Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, and the favorite app BlackBerry Messenger. (3.) It has a user-friendly touchscreen and easy to use QWERTY keypad. (4.) It is made for durability. It is not easily scratched and does not break easily either. (5.) It has a good security system making it very ideal for any business transactions.


Android smartphones on the other hand, appeal to the quirky and fun side of users. They allow anyone to customize, thus, providing the users a wide array of fun applications. It is the very first smart phone that is truly comprehensive and open to its users. But because of this, Android phones are very prone to a lot of security issues such as hacking and being attacked by spyware or malware. Despite this, more and more people are turning to Android these days because of its quirkiness.


One of the Android’s features is the Notification System that alerts the user of what’s to be done at the moment. There’s also the easy navigation of the Interface that allows the user to move in and out of the Android menus and apps. Android phones also have better cameras especially when shots are taken outdoors where the lights are natural. It also has a faster shutter speed. Other than that, Android phones are seen as the geekier phone.



  1. Android smartphones are more apps-centered while BlackBerry smartphones cater more to business.
  2. BlackBerry has a good security system while the Android’s is questionable.
  3. Android has plenty of apps that appeal to the geekier nature while BlackBerry was created for the business people in the corporate world.
  4. BlackBerry was the pioneering smartphone. Android just followed through.
  5. BlackBerry was first in email transferring while Android was the first in customizing.

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