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Difference Between Samsung Bada and Google Android

Samsung Bada vs Google Android

Bada is an operating system from Samsung that they aim to use in their regular phones and some smartphones. This is despite the great success that Samsung has had with Android on their smartphones. The main difference between the two operating systems is exclusivity as Android is used by Samsung, HTC, and many other companies while Bada is only on Samsung phones. Bada does perform quite well as an operating system but it has many shortcomings that make it inferior to Android.

Probably the biggest shortcoming is the lack of multitasking. Bada can multitask native applications but it can only run one Bada app at that time. Android multitask apps just like a computer and it does this pretty well. Because of this, Android can take advantage of great hardware and prove as a more comprehensive platform than Bada could be.

Because of security issues, Bada does not allow its applications to access SMS and MMS. On the other hand, Android provides an API for accessing and sending SMS via applications. This opens up the possibilities for many application types including back-ups and even messaging clients.

Another difference between Bada and Android isn’t intrinsic to the operating system at all, but is related to the community behind each and the belief of the developers on which is the more solid platform. Android has over a hundred thousand apps that users can choose from. In comparison, Bada has less than a thousand applications in its repository. Although many of these apps are free, it doesn’t even begin to compare to Android’s.

Lastly, there is no comparison between the two in terms of development. Android has been through a lot changes since the time it was released. It has introduced a lot of new features and has many more to come. Although Bada is the newer of the two, its development is nowhere near as fast as that of Android.

Bada is not really a bad operating system and it should work pretty well with regular phones. But as a smartphone platform, it is sorely lacking when compared to Android.


1. Bada is only available on Samsung phones while Android is used by many different phone manufacturers
2. Bada cannot do multitasking while Android can
3. Bada applications cannot access SMS and MMS while Android apps can
4. There are way more apps for Android than Bada
5. Development on Android is way faster than on Bada

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  1. I have seen negetives about Bada campare to Android, Is there any sing point positive abt Bada

  2. seems the author is biased towards android….

  3. I think there is not much difference between bada and android…i will support to bada because it’s very user friendly..and currently bada has 700 Apps and in end of this year it will increase to 7000..and UI is almost same of both..and one thing if we talk about hardware there is no competitor with bada… thanks.

  4. There certainly are shortcomings in Bada now. No denying that Android is the leader now. But who knows that Samsung takes care of these shortcomings later.

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