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Difference Between Android and Chrome OS

Android vs Chrome OS

Google is trying to take on Microsoft in the operating system business and has two OS offerings that aim towards two different needs. Although it has been questioned quite a number of times that the two are very much alike, Google maintains that they are meant for different devices. Android is already quite popular since it was released with the G1, the first smartphone to run Android. It is designed primarily as an operating system for smartphones despite being in use in some tablet computers. On the other hand, the Chrome OS is intended to be used with tablets and netbooks, where typical tasks like emailing, browsing, word processing, are done.

Not only do the two operating systems differ in their intended use, they also operate very differently. Android is fashioned as more of a typical operating system where the system files and applications are stored on the device along with the data and a connection to the internet is optional. With Chrome OS, an internet connection is not optional as all files, including programs, are located remotely in a design that is commonly referred to as cloud computing. The device only has a web browser installed along with the firmware that is needed to boot the device up. Without an internet connection, the device would be pretty useless as it cannot access any data or run any application.

Lastly, Android has been around for quite some time, although not as long as other smartphone operating systems, and has undergone a lot of updates in order to improve its usability and performance. In comparison, Chrome OS is still a work in progress with an expected initial release date some time in the last quarter of 2010. The future of Android seems set as more and more manufacturers and consumers warm up to it. The future of Chrome though is very much in question as there are still major questions about it. Its separation from Android is very little and many think that either Chrome OS would not continue or it would be merged to Android. Another is the feasibility of a cloud computing only OS. It can already be done with Microsoft’s remote desktop and other similar applications so there is really not a lot new to offer.


Android is an operating for mobile devices while Chrome OS is intended for computing

Android is a typical operating system while Chrome OS cloud dependent

Android is a fully functional OS while Chromes OS is still undergoing major work

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