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htcBlackberry vs. HTC

The Blackberry made emails totally portable, and has been the leader in this aspect ever since. HTC was once an obscure PDA manufacturer, but their products are beginning to come out of the shadows. The major difference between HTC and Blackberry phones, is the operating system that they use. Blackberry uses their own operating system that is developed by RIM in-house, while HTC phones use different operating systems depending on the model. The most prominent operating system for HTC phones is Windows Mobile, but the newer Google Android is becoming an excellent contender.

HTC was once just a manufacturer, therefore are a lot of HTC phones that do not bear the HTC name. You can find HTC phones marketed under the brands O2, iMate, Dopod, Qtek, and also under specific Telcos like T-mobile and Verizon. The Blackberry has been marketed by RIM from the start, and no confusion exists between the devices.

When it comes to services, the Blackberry is still the best for companies who rely on emails for communication. Blackberry email servers are the best, and most reliable, in getting the emails from one device to another. Although HTC phones do offer email capabilities, they are not as robust as those of Blackberry. HTC phones have the edge when it comes to third party applications, due to the great number of applications for Windows Mobile. Applications for the Android are also steadily increasing.

Blackberry phones are disadvantaged by the fact that all data traffic needs to go through either a BES or BIS. This means that, regardless of whether you are connecting to the internet over the air, or just through a wireless router, you would still be chewing up your data plan. HTC phones do not need to connect to servers of any sort in order to connect to the internet. You can even opt to use the free email services that are abundant on the internet.


1. Blackberry has its own operating system, while HTC phones use different types of operating systems.

2. HTC phones are marketed under a wide variety of names, while Blackberry phones are uniform.

3. The Blackberry still provides the better email experience.

4. HTC phones have a much wider selection of applications compared to Blackberry phones.

5. The Blackberry needs a specific data plan to enable its full features, while HTC phones can connect to the internet in a wide variety of ways.

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